Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Just a quick note to wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year! I welcome 2008 with open arms and look forward to finding out what this year has in store for me!

This week I'm going to be posting about the upcoming new year and reminiscing about things that happened in 2007 so keep an eye out, I will be back soon!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

After Christmas rant?

Ok, this is something that has bugged me for awhile but since it is only two days after Christmas it seems the perfect time for me to let it all out!

Who the Hell comes up with the packaging for toys? I mean...reallly?? For those of you who have children you know exactly what Im talking about. For those of you who dont have any children young enough for toys, let me explain it to you. These companies make it so freaking difficult to get the damned toy out of the box. They cover it with glued down plastic stuff then they attach it to the box with little plastic twisty tie thingys that are twisted like 100 times. One little car will be attached to the box with 10 of these things! So not only does it take forever to get the stupid toy out of the damn box while excited children are trying to wait patiently, you also have a billion of these little plastic twisty things and trash to pick up! They also tie everything down! If it comes with little extra parts they will still tie the tiniest parts down as well. Sometimes the packaging actually requires scissors or a knife just to get the main cover open! Then once you have that part CUT open you have to deal with all of the stupid little twisty ties. Now the new thing is that they SCREW toys to the box. I mean, literally, SCREW. You have to actually get a screw driver to undo the screws just to get a car out of the box! Who comes up with this crap? It has to be a man! No offense to any of my manly readers but most of us women would have some common sense about this kind of thing! As if xmas and birthdays aren't already stressful enough for parents, having to take an hour to get one toy out of a box is just ridiculous! There have been so many times that I have wanted to call the toy company just to give them an ear full!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Rant for the holidays!

Ok, I have one small little rant before the holidays get here! Tomorrow we are going to be busy little bees! We still have a few last minute things to get, then we are meeting a friend of my husbands for lunch and then having a couple of friends over later in the day. I'm really looking forward to xmas morning this year. My kids are older and are understanding the whole concept of Santa a bit better this year. I can't wait to see the expressions on their faces when they come downstairs and see what Santa left!

Anyway, my little rant today as I'm seeing all of the xmas advertising all over the tv is about all of these perfumes coming out now. What's the deal with all of the trendy little pop dumbasses, whoops, I mean "divas' coming out with their own perfume? No, not perfume, I mean, "fragrance". Oooh la la!

They give it some fancy sparkly name and then slap a $60 or more price tag on a tiny little bottle of it. I'm literally sitting here rolling my eyes just thinking about it. The sad thing is, they SELL them! and LOT of them! All of the trendy little girls out there think they have to beg mommy and daddy to shell out big cash just so they can say they are wearing j-lo's "fragrance". You can go to walmart and pay $7 for a big ass bottle that smells just the same! Ugh! It's funny though how it's usually the stars who are losing their a-listing status that come out with their own "fragrance". Like, making their own perfume is the bottom of the barrel for them! Put some clothes on sisters and do something that actually involves having talent!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wanna earn some extra spending cash?

Ok, I do run a blog that is specifically aimed towards different money making opportunities over the internet. However, I just wanted to let my rants in my pants readers know about this new opportunity that I have found. It's just like myspace except you get PAID for page views. Every time someone looks at your page, blog, pics, any of your pages, you get paid for it. They also have a referral system so that when you refer someone else you can make even more money! I've heard that some people have made a significant amount of money from this. If anyone would like to join me in this little venture then feel free to check it out. You can find out more here!

It's easy and it's fun. You can design your own page, add friends, leave comments and do everything you can on myspace but this time you are getting some spending money along with it!

Sunday, December 9, 2007


Holy crap! I can't believe it has been THIS long since I last posted in here! I am still around and haven't forgotten about my lil blogs! Just so much going on since I last posted here! My husband had surgery. He went back to work and I was ready to get back into the routine of things until at the end of that week his whole crew got laid off for the winter (he does concrete work). We knew it was coming but we didnt think it would be until the end of November/early December. He is working a different job now for the winter but he is working 2nd shift hours which Im not used to. I have been searching for a part time job to do during the day (i do work at home, but damn it, i need out of the house, lol!). So far I havent had much luck and Im really surprised considering that it's the xmas season! UGH!...So anyway, I'm finally trying to get back into a routine. Im not used to my husband being gone in the evenings and I have found myself being very bored while he is I guess it's a good time for me to do my blogging to keep myself occupied. I love routine and when my routine gets messed up I feel lost for awhile and overwhelmed. I've always been like that. I'm just a weirdo, I guess.

Anyway, my adsense account has been disabled! Ugh. I have heard many others complain about disabled accounts for no good reason. The reason for this was invalid clicks. Ok, well, let's think about this. My blogs are small. I dont have a lot of readers, I dont really have a lot of page hits considering that I have been doing this for almost a year now. I have had an adsense account for quite awhile now, even before my blogging days. I have YET to reach the payout minimum. Hmm, don't you think that if I was fradulantly clicking adsense ads then I would have made payout by NOW?? I'm not even CLOSE to pay out! Give me a break people. It would make more sense if I was making payout all of the time, but I'm not! Ofcourse it's adsense so they can't even give you details of the invalid clicks so that you can know what the Hell they are talking about! Grrrrrr....

Ok, well, I am going to try to post more now that Im getting used to this new routine. Prepare for a rant coming soon!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Online drama!

It's been awhile since I've been able to post here. My internet was off for a week! I really didn't miss it as much as I expected. I was able to get a lot done around the house that I normally don't have time to do! However, now I have to make up for the week of work missed and it's not leaving me much time for the blogs...again!

Anyway, my rant for the week is about online drama. We have all seen it, right? Someone gets a corn cob up their butt and wants to start running their mouth through their keyboard. I've been involved in some of it in the past, but I was never the mean troll starting it. I've noticed that it happens a lot between women. On mothers or parenting message boards, or work at home message boards. Women are very catty and love to play the drama queen roll. That is one reason why I stay away from most women. I'd prefer to have male friends to be honest!

I remember a few years ago there was this one guy that used to talk crap about me ALL the time. He used to post messages on message boards calling me fat and all kinds of names. He even made up a story one time that included my name in it! I never understood why or what his problem was because I had never spoken to him online or in person. One day I came across his blog and while reading through it noticed how he was always complaining about how he is single and can't get laid and is always having to, uhh.."take care of himself". That made the whole thing a lot more clearer to me and now I find it a bit funny. People like to hide behind their computer screens and run their mouths. Why? It could be a variety of things. Could be because they are like this guy, just a lonely loser who has nothing better to do. Maybe it makes them feel tough being able to type such big tough words? Or they just like to start drama and bickering between people. Whatever it may be, I have grown past that and have a lot better things to do with my time!

Online drama is something I stay away from these days. For one thing, I just don't have time to stay online all day just to check and see what so and so has said and then come back with a snarky remark. I am wayy to busy for that crap between my kids, my husband who is about to have surgery in a few days and working. I have 2 other blogs that I write. One is about work at home jobs. I've heard through the grapevine that some people don't like some of the things I am writing about and are talking crap about me without even knowing me. I'm actually finding it quite amusing! I had 123 visits yesterday to that blog, thanks guys!!!! I know where they are coming from. I checked the links back, but Im not going to run over to that site and get involved in it, even though I already have been without knowing anything about it. If you people who don't know me want to talk your smack then be my guest! Like I said before, I have a million other better things to be doing than worry about it or lower myself to getting involved in it more than I already am. I'm not trying to piss anyone off but if that's the way you are taking it then here's a hanky to wipe your tears!

Monday, October 1, 2007

No good title, really!

My boys!

My twins

River pic
I didnt post last week. I was really busy all week and it's the end of the month so I was trying to work as much as possible. Today is the first day of October. It has finally begun to feel like fall. I don't really have a point to this post today, just going to babble a bit, lol! It's Monday, it's been raining most of the day, it's cold, it's dreary and I don't feel like doing anything! This past week was kind of a rough one. My husband and I were bickering all week. He is stressed out because of his stomach problems (he has an appointment with a surgeon today in a half hour). He's afraid he wont make it through surgery and if he does make it, he will find out that it's cancer. He has been taking his stress out on me and being an ass lately. I haven't been sleeping much because of everything. Things are going better now. We did a lot of talking and I'm hoping we can work through this together. We split up last year and it was soooo hard on me and I'm terrified that it is going to happen again. We have also been stressing about money. We are barely scraping by now, I dont know what the Hell we are going to do when he is off for 6 weeks. We can probably get some kind of temporary disability but that will most likely only be half of what he makes now..there is no way that we will be able to make it unless I get a job outside of the home while he is off and he takes care of the kids all day. Ugh, I hate this crap! I know he needs the surgery but I have no clue how we will pay our bills and rent!

Anyway...Im ready for Halloween! My son just started preschool and they are going to be in the Halloween Parade here but we have to walk with them throughout the parade. Im excited for that! We can take our twins, too..They are all going to love it!...Im not ready for winter to get here though. I despise winter. The cold, the snow, the ice. I hate having to bundle up in 10 layers of clothing just so I wont freeze and having to bundle up 3 kids every time we go anywhere. Blah, blah, blah, I guess I'm in a bad mood. My depression has been coming back. I really do need to get into a doctor and see if they will put me back on the Cymbalta but when can I go to the doctor? lol We have no sitter for the kids. My mother in law works 2nd shift. I want the F out of here!..We are thinking about moving back to my hometown. I have always despised that town and was soo happy when I left there 7 years ago and I cant believe I actually want to go back! I hate it here. We dont really have any friends here. We have no one to watch the kids here. We have already had our cars broken into and all of our stuff stolen. If we moved back to my hometown we would have so many friends there to hang out with and we would have people there that could watch our kids once in awhile. We are thinking about using our income tax to move back and just live off of that until he can find a job in the area. It's going to be hard to find a place that will accept a big dog though. Most landlords don't allow dogs or if they do they have to be small ones. We have a sweet as sugar pit bull that everyone is scared of but he is just a big baby!

I decided since it's the first of the month and I feel so tired anyway I'm just taking the day off from work and I am doing things online that I have been wanting to do but just havent been able to find the time. Just wanted to throw a little update in here since I don't do that very often.

We enjoyed the weather this weekend and Saturday we took the kids to a park by the river. We went on a little walk there and the kids loved it and so did we! I'm going to throw a few pics up just for the Heck of it! My babies are all getting soo big. The twins will be 3 on Friday and our older son will be 4 next Tuesday! My sons teacher has been trying to talk me into putting the twins into preschool as soon as they turn 3 but I dont know if I want to do that yet. They arent completely potty trained yet (almost, just have a few accidents here and there)..and they would end up having to stay in preschool for 3 years if I start them this early. The deadline for kindergarten is that they have to be 5 by September they will be 5 days late and will have to wait until they are almost 6 to go. I dont know. I'm still thinking about it. I have plenty of time. Even if I do decide to start them now I will have to take them to their Pediatrician for a check up and to the dentist for a check up. When I took my son for his dental check up it was a month before they could even schedule him in!

Ok, I'm getting tired of typing, so here are the pics! (Argh, I wish we could put pics at the END of our posts not always at the the pics are up top)..

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Out of control toddler!

I know that when we have children there is no manual or book that can teach you everything there is to know about raising children. So far, I have been pretty lucky with my children. My oldest has always been well behaved and very intelligent. My twins for the most part, they are well behaved in public. My daughter is a drama queen which I have written about before. She just cries all the time and acts as if she were dying over the tiniest things. It does test my patience but no one tests my patience more than her twin brother!

He looks sweet and innocent and soo cute. He is very friendly and outgoing and isn't afraid to talk to strangers (which can be a bad thing in a way). He has been caught twice holding strangers' hands in public! LOL... At home, he is just a terror. He is very hyper active and he realllly knows how to push my buttons. When we ask him or tell him to do something he will just stare at us as if he is looking right through us. He does NOT want to be told to do ANYTHING. He gives us a look as if he is saying, "Who the Hell do you think you are telling me what to do?". Something as simple as telling him to "come here" turns into a big battle because he will just stare at us and NOT do anything he is told to do. If we tell him to stop doing something he will usually just stare at us and continue doing it or he will wait until we turn our back and then do it again and again and again. There are things he knows he is not supposed to do and I know that he knows because as soon as he notices us looking he will stop doing it. Im really worried that he is going to be our "trouble" child. He gives us so much difficulty and stresses me out to the point where sometimes I feel like I'm about to have a nervous breakdown! I know they say that no child is born a "bad seed" and that they are just testing their boundries, however, he knows what his boundries are! I'm not one of those parents who talk a lot of crap but then don't follow through with it. When I tell him, "if you do this again you are going to go in time out"..then he will go in time out! I've seen a lot of parents that just let their kids get away with everything with no punishment and I told myself I would not be like that. It still doesn't matter to him! He KNOWS he is going to get in trouble but he still insists on doing it over and over and over. I have tried every technique that I can think of. Spanking doesn't work. Most of the time he will just look at us with a dirty look and not even cry! Time out doesn't work. He will cry the fake cry (if you are a parent, you know what the fake cry is! tears, just wanting attention). I've tried taking things away from him. I've tried rewarding good behavior. I have tried sitting down with him face to face and talking to him nicely...NOTHING works!! I've tried giving him extra attention thinking maybe that's what he was trying to get, but that didn't change anything. I'm at my wits end and don't know what to do with him! At first I thought it was just me and my short fuse but I've realized it's not just me! My husband gets frustrated with him, my mother gets frustrated with him, my mother in law gets frustrated with him, even my 94 year old grandmother gets frustrated with him! When he was younger we thought maybe he had hearing problems and that's why he didn't listen to us, but he hears just fine!! I've often wondered if he has some sort of ADHD or something along those lines but from what I've read they don't test them for that until around 5 years of age.

It's been stressful for us enough over the past few years as we went from having no kids to having 3 within a year! My doctor gave me the wrong dosage of birth control and we ended up pregnant with twins when our oldest was only 3 months old. Our twins were born 4 days before our sons first birthday! It's already a stressful situation to be in and my son just makes it 20 times worse and I don't know what to do anymore. He's only two (will be 3 next month)! I'm the parent, I'm the one that should be in control but it's a constant battle for that control. He is extremely intelligent when he wants to be and he has me worried about what the future holds for us and his behavior! I thought at first it was just a phase but so far the phase hasn't ended. He has been this way ever since he has been old enough to be able to comprehend instructions. Any kind of advice would be appreciated! Like I've said, I have tried everything that I can think of and every strategy I have even heard of and so far nothing works! Right now I'm scared that we might even end up losing our family dog because of him. My son is always smacking him in the face, jumping on him, grabbing him and shaking him and he is always getting in his face while he is sleeping. The dog has snapped at him a few times as a warning but I'm afraid that one day he will get tired of it too and really go after him. I've told my son 4 million and 1 times to leave the dog alone. I've sat down and talked to him calmly about it, I've punished him for it, but the minute I turn around my son will be right there in the dogs face again. I do NOT want to have to get rid of our beloved dog because my son is too stubborn to listen!! I don't want to get in trouble if our dog snaps at him. I think my dog has been very good and patient putting up with our son because I would have bit him a long time ago, LOL! It wont be fair to our dog if he has to go to a new home because our son wont listen!

P.S. He is the blondie in the previous post!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My weekend fun and rant!

We had a very busy weekend! Saturday we went to a concert and slept at my moms house afterwards so that we didn't have to have the kids out that late driving back home (we live an hour away from my mother). Then Sunday morning we came back home to take care of the dog and headed to the Fort Wayne's Children Zoo. It was a little disappointing. I expected it to have more exhibits. My oldest son is obsessed with the Lion King and loves Lions. He was soo excited about seeing a Lion in their Afican Safari and they didn't even have it finished. The only animals in the safari was a Giraffe! Their website didnt say anything about it not being finished yet! Then we paid $2 a piece to take a train ride. It was $10 for all of us and all it did was go around a freakin circle! What a rip off! But, the kids still had fun and it was nice to have a family day together.

Now, for my rant! Most of the exhibits had a lot of people in them with everyone waiting their turn to see the animals. We would patiently wait in line only to have a bunch of kids, who should know better, running and pushing in front of our kids! What made it even worse was that the parents were right there and LET them do that and some of the parents did it themselves! That is so rude and disrespectful! Wait your turn like everyone else!

Then you have the people that just want to stand right there for like 15 minutes making everyone else wait and wait! Have sone respect for other people and get the Hell out of the way! Everyone else would like a chance to see, too! This one guy was video taping and standing right in the middle of the walk way so that no one could get through until my husband pushed his way through with the double stroller, lol. We got some dirty looks, but do you really think that everyone wants to stand their and wait for you to get out of the way since you want to stand right in the middle?

Towards the end of our zoo journey we were about to get on the train. Ofcourse it was a little train with small seats that could fit two adults in each seat. It was us and 3 kids so we needed to have two seats together. We were at the end of the line to get in and everyone else would pick seats in the middle of empty seats. So it would be like one empty seat, then two seats of people, then another empty seat. NO ONE would offer to move back a seat so that our family could sit together. Not one freakin person! Our kids were so excited to get on the train and we had to stand and wait until the next one came because no one would move for us.

You know what really aggravates me? Everyone looks at us weird and makes little comments about us because we have a lot of tattoos. Especially my husband. He just got a tattoo on the back of his head (I wasnt happy about it..but anyway...). I've heard all sorts of little comments and people pointing at my husband with disgusted looks on their faces. But you know what? WE are respectful to other people. We love to help people when we can and we care about other people. All of these "normal" looking people are the ones who are raising rude ass disrespectful kids because they act the same way as parents! It's the "normal" people who are pushing in front of everyone. It's the "rude" ass people who only think of their selves and don't care about anyone else around them. But yet you people judge us by the way we look and stereotype us because of what we choose to do with our OWN bodies. I know I have written about this before, but our kids are very well behaved in public and that's because we have taught them to be respectful of other people! No wonder this world is getting worse and worse by the second. It's because of immature, disrespectful parents raising immature disrespectful children..and the cycle is just going to keep continuing and growing!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Busy this week!

I wont be posting much this week (I know I havent been posting much here anyway, lol)...I just started a new job and have a quota that I have to meet by the end of the Im spending every spare minute I can working on the quota so that I can get paid next month! Next week will be better with the new month starting! Lots more rants to come!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Friends or enemies?

I've come to the conclusion that the majority of the human race just sucks!! I've been reminiscing a lot lately about the past and all of the friends that I had over the years. A lot of them I was pretty close with. Some of them lived right here while others lived far away. We had a lot of good times together. I lost touch with a lot of people for awhile but then when I found myspace I ended up finding most of them (there are actually only a couple that Im still waiting to find on there). I would be sooo excited when I found an old friend and would send them msgs saying how happy I was that I found them and they would respond saying the same thing...then, nothing. I would leave them comments or messages and never hear a response back. They would send out 340124 bulletins every day or they will leave me comments on my page advertising their band or business but would they say hello? NOPE! These are all people that I knew in person, not just internet chat friends!

It's not just about myspace. I guess it's just a part of life losing friends. People get married, have kids, get busy with life and forget about the people who used to be part of their life. Why though? I have always cherished the friends that I have and always tried to keep in touch with them! I'm married and have 3 toddlers to take care of, plus I work...but I still make sure to take time for my friends, even if it is something as simple as an email or comment on myspace...just to let them know that I havent forgotten about them.

I have one ONE friend who has always been there for me. We have been friends for 18 years now! She has 3 kids, works and goes to school and she STILL squeezes in some time for me. That is a true best friend.

I've gotten to the point where I dont even want to make new friends because people always disappoint me in the end. It never fails. I'd rather sit at home with nothing to do than have friends who only want me around on a need-be basis. Screw that. That's not a friendship. Maybe I'm just too kind hearted and maybe I should take my friends for granted like they do me?

p.s. one of the kids in that pic above is me! heh heh

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Got Anger??

I've always been a hot tempered person. Even as a child if things didn't go my way then I would get soo angry and I would hit and throw things! Most people find that hard to believe because I'm normally so quiet and shy they can't imagine that I would have any sort of hot temperment!

My anger was starting to cause problems in my life. I'm not going to go into a lot of details but I knew that I had to change something because I was tired of losing my temper so quickly and saying or doing things that I didn't mean.

I started doing my own research on anger management and found a few tips that have really helped.

The biggest one for me is to step away from the situation. If I feel myself getting ready to blow then I just back away. I will go outside or go into another room to give myself some time to calm down. Then once I am calm I will confront the problem that made me so angry in the first place.

Another technique that helps me a lot is to learn to be able to tell how my body reacts when I'm starting to get angry. The tightness in my chest, breathing harder, my muscles clenching up. As soon as I begin to feel this happening inside of my body I will then talk myself down. I will tell myself little things such as, "Calm down" or, "control the anger" over and over again. You can also count to 10 or 100 however long you think you need to bring yourself down from that anger mountain!

I still have my little blow ups here and there but these techniques have taught me how to control them better. Sometimes all it takes is just for me to think to myself and talk myself down. I sometimes ask myself if the problem is REALLY worth getting so angry and upset about? Usually, the answer is no!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Today is our Anniversary!

Four years ago today I was walking down the aisle on the happiest day of my life. I should be very happy today, shouldn't I? Today is bittersweet for me. I have mentioned before about my husband and I separating last year. We separated about a week and a half before our Anniversary. It was already hard enough for me to deal with on our anniversary last year but my husband did one of the most heartless things he could ever do. On our wedding anniversary last year my husband told me that he didn't think he was in love with me anymore and didn't think things we going to work out. That was the worst day of my life. We were separated for 9 months and were through Hell and back during those 9 months. Lots of anger, lots of tears. My husband still says that he was going through a "mental breakdown" of sorts and that he now wants to spend the rest of his life making it up to me and proving to me how much he does love me. He says that even though he didn't show it, he was miserable without me and never wants to be without me again. I guess i will never truly understand what happened a year ago...but the memories are always haunting me. Even though we have been back together for 3 months now it is still going to take a long time for me to heal and to be able to put everything in the past. I feel like I have this wall up and that I've lost some of my feelings for him because of what he put me through and it's going to take me a long, long time to be able to bring that wall down. I told him that he destroyed our anniversary by what he did last year. He thinks i should just be able to forget about everything and concentrate on the future. That would be nice for my sanity, lol. Now I just have to figure out how to put the memories behind me and concentrate on the present.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Random stuff!

I don't really do much random posting, just vents and rants here. I'm going to do little random posts once in awhile whenever I feel like it. My monday is starting off crappy already. My twins are just insane today. They always drive me crazy. I often wonder if they have ADHD (seriously) well, I think my son definitely could have it and my daughter just has problems paying attention. My oldest is getting ready to start school in September. He's sooo excited about going to school but mostly excited about getting to ride a bus, lol! He had to get a physical last week before he can start school and everything went well there. ...Besides my kids driving me crazy today our dog (a big ass pit bull) pooped upstairs and it stunk up the whole damned house, I swear to you I could even smell it on the basement steps!!!! He's usually very good about telling us when he has to go outside so I dont know what his problem was this morning. A few other things happened this morning to just put me in a bad mood! I'm trying to calm down because I hate being in a bad mood, it just seems to happen a lot, lol! I have to work this afternoon..I work from home and my kids know when my attention is somewhere else and as soon as they know that I'm working then they start getting into everything!

I found out yesterday that my grandmother has cancer. She's 94 but has been in pretty good health for her age. She's never had any kinds of alzheimers or any real health problems up til now. She had a lump removed and the doctors confirmed that it was cancer. Because of her age there really isn't much they can do about it and they dont know if they got it all. Her brother died a few years ago from cancer. I just hope that she's not in a lot of pain. My grandma and I have always been very close. She babysat me when I was little and when I got older for awhile while I was out of work she paid me to stay with her all day and help her do things around the house. She moved into an assisted living home a few years ago just because it became harder for her to get around by herself and make her owns meals. She didn't want to go but now she really enjoys it there. She has her own little apartment and has a lot of friends there. She said she's not going to worry about the cancer but I'm sure she's scared inside. We have all known that because of her age she wont be around for much longer (her father lived to be 99)..but it's going to be very hard on me when she passes. Just thinking about it now gets me teary eyed. I was her only grandchild and the funny thing is, my mom was not married when she got pregnant and at first my grandma didnt want anything to do with me because of that (old fashioned) and now i'm her pride and joy. I'm just thankful that she lived to see me get married and have children of my own and my kids always put a big smile on her face!

Anyway, just felt like babbling a little bit. I'm sure I'll have something else to rant about later in the week or something....

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Do you judge people?

If you saw this man above, what would you think? Would you just go on your way not noticing? Would you admire his tattoos? Would you snicker and think to yourself, "oh my god, look at all of those tattoos!"? Would you be scared of him?

Tattoos have evolved a great deal since the beginning. Tattoos used to be seen as a marking for motorcycle gangs or other gangs in general. The popularity has increased over the past few years when it became trendy to get a little rose tattoo on your ankle or a butterfly on top of your foot.

What about someone like this who has a lot of tattoos? Do you judge people based on tattoos? Would you not give this guy a job even though he is well qualified because of his tattoos? Would you make comments about him to your friends? Would you be nervous if he came up beside you in a store?

Tattoos are an art form to some. Some people get tattoos just to be trendy and look "cool". For others they are a way to release their emotions and memories by having them etched into their skin permanently. Why do so many people stereotype someone just because they have tattoos? Does getting a tattoo suddenly take away brain cells? Does getting a tattoo instantly make you a "thug" or a drug dealer? Are people really that closed minded to believe things like this?

Guess what? That man in the photo above is my husband! Yes, he has a lot of tattoos! Does that mean he is a bad person? NO! My husband is caring and kind. If he sees someone pulled over on the side of the road he will stop and offer his assistance. He love animals. He is a great husband and an even greater father to our children. I can't tell you how many times he has been discriminated against due to his tattoos. He has been followed around in stores by employees making sure he doesn't steal something. He has been turned down for jobs because of his tattoos. A lot of employers aren't afraid to say that tattoos are a reason for not hiring him. Oh, he might be able to do laborous jobs in the back but he wouldn't be allowed to deal with the public looking like that. Why is that? It's because people are so closed minded and bigoted that they will judge someone based purely on appearance and companies are afraid of losing business! Isn't this 2007? The last time I checked it was! However, people still judge others on appearance whether it be tattoos, piercings, being overweight, being too skinny, having nappy hair, anything at all. Anything that is not considered "normal" is usually shunned. Isn't it a shame that people are not allowed to truely express themselves the way that they want to because of other people's judgmental minds? I honestly don't care what other people think. People that I don't know are not important to me. The only opinions I care about are of my family and friends. If you are going to judge me or my husband based purely on how we look or dress then we don't want you in our lives anyway!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Movie and TV show reviews!

Have you ever seen a movie preview on TV that looked really good and then when you go see it you end up being completely disappointed and angry that you wasted all of that money? It happens to me all the time and ofcourse the theatre wont give you your money back if the movie sucks!

I came across a website that reviews movies and tv shows! You can choose from movie/DVD reviews and read an honest opinion on the movie before spending time or money to go see it and have it end up being a flop! You can also join in the movie discussions with other people about the specific movie that has been reviewed! You can even WIN DVD's just for giving your opinion on something!

Apart from movies, they also have a very interesting section for TV Show reviews where you can get information on TV shows that are on the tube and also give your opinions and join in the discussions!

So if you like to read up on the newest movies and TV shows while giving your own opinion, too then this is a website to check out!

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

No Smoking!!

So many cities/states are approving a smoking ban which usually bans smoking in public places such as restaurants and some bars. I for one LOVE the smoking ban for restaurants. Most restaurants usually had just a smoking and non smoking section as if the smoke would just stay in that one little area and wouldn't float through the air to the non smoking section!

I used to smoke. I quit when I became pregnant with my first child and never picked the habit back up. A lot of it was because my husband finds women who smoke disgusting and I felt a huge difference in my breathing once I stopped smoking. When I did smoke I tried to have respect for others that didn't smoke by not lighting up around them. However, a lot of smokers don't have that same respect.

My grandmother is now 94 years old. Before the smokin bans came into affect she was never able to go out and eat in a restaurant because the second hand smoke made it very difficult to breathe. Did smokers care? Not one bit!

It is VERY nice to be able to enjoy a meal with my family without having to inhale nasty disgusting second hand smoke. When my children were infants I tried to stay away from restaurants because I didn't want my children to be forced to inhale second hand smoke, either.

As far as the smoking in bars go, I think that's a bit silly! If you are going out to a bar you should expect to come home smelling like cigarette smoke, it's just a given. A bar scene is meant to be filled with cigarette smoke, that's just part of going there so I don't think that should be taken away from bar dwellers.

My main point is, if you smoke please have respect for other people. Smokers get soo irate when talking about the smoking ban, but come on.. Is it REALLY that hard to eat a meal without lighting up? Is it REALLY that difficult to wait an hour until you leave the restaurant to smoke another one? If it is that big of a deal then I think you have more problems than what you think! I know smokers don't realize the stench that cigarette smoke causes. Like I said, I used to smoke but I never realized how much it literally STINKS. Now even if I'm in a store and a smoker walks by me, the mere smell of that nasty stale cigarette smokes makes me nauseous! Smokers just don't realize how bad they smell because they are so used to it but maybe if they realize how much they really do stink they would give it a second thought before lighting up another one!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

25 Random Things about me!

Ok, I've been seeing lots of people do the 100 random things about me posts. I'm going to break it up and just do 25 at a time and will throw them in here in between other posts! I'm just writing down any random thing that comes to my mind at the moment, feel free to add comments!

1. I was an only child.
2. My mother was a single mom.
3. My father left when I was 3 weeks old. He didn't believe I was his and he took one look at me, turned around and walked away.
4. My mom was adopted, so I really don't know anything about my heritage or where I am from.
5. I've been overweight since the age of 5, even though I was a very active kid.
6. I love heavy metal music.
7. I've been in many mosh pits. \m/
8. I have 5 tattoos and want a lot, LOT more.
9. I've had my nose pierced for 11 years.
10. I hate tomatoes.
11. But I love ketchup.
12. My favorite food is pizza.
13. That's why I'm fat!
14. I love the color purple.
15. I recently weened myself off of an anti-depressant (Cymbalta) simply because it was too much of a pain in the arse for me to get to the doctor for refills and check ups all the time.
16. My kids are less than a year apart, thanks to birth control.
17. If I didn't have a tubal ligation I would consider being a surrogate mother to help others because I love being pregnant!
18. I've had one best friend since I was 12 years old...that's 18 years of best-friendship-ness! (love ya Michelle)
19. I wish I had time to write in here every day.
20. I was a good girl in school..always the shy and quiet one, never even had a detention!
21. I love myspace and am always updating my page!
22. I just found my very first best friend on myspace, after not seeing her for about 14 years? (we were best friends when we were like 4).
23. I once watched my long time pet be put to sleep. He was 13 years old and I had him since I was 8. (R.I.P. Wags)
24. I used to write a lot of poetry and am thinking about posting some of it here one day.
25. That pic is of my two boys!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ugh, sooo mad!

So my husband started a new job today and before he left early this morning he came upstairs and woke me up. He was irate!! Someone broke into both our cars. They stole change out of my car (i didnt have much else in there) and they stole everything out of his car. They stole his change, his pocket knife, and the biggest thing was that we had this big CD book thing which had probably close to 50 CD's in it. GONE! I'm so upset! Some of those CD's are irreplaceable and even the ones that are replaceable we can't afford to go out and buy all of them right now! We think it might have been this meth head prostitute that walks up and down our streets at all hours of the night. I think she was going to steal something off of our porch or maybe my car the other day. My husband left and she watched him leave and then started walking up to our porch looking at my stuff on the porch (I have a bunch of statues and stuff). She came all the way up to the porch. Not the steps, just the side of the porch. Then she saw me standing in the window watching her and she left. I went outside and yelled at her to stay off our property and later that night my husband yelled at her too when she walked by. We think she stole something that night from someone else's porch cuz she was looking around and went up to a porch and walked away really fast. We've heard that she's not right in the head and whoever broke into our cars wasn't just doing it for the money. The stole my husbands freakin' chapstick for gods sake! They also stole some of our utility bills that were laying on the front seat! Also, my husband had some steal toed shoes in the back seat and they stole ONE shoe, not both of them, just one!! UGH! I'm just waiting for her to walk by our house again! I'm sooo angry about those CD's, most of them were all of our fave CD's too and now they are all gone!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Control Your Kids!!

Some people don't deserve to have children! If you aren't going to teach your kids manners and respect then you should just get yourself fixed!

I'm talkin about the people who let their kids run around screaming and yelling in public while they just gossip with their friends. It's disrespectful to other people and makes you look like an asshole for not watchin your kids! I can't count how many times I have been in a restaurant trying to enjoy a meal with my family while having other kids, older kids, not toddlers running around the restaurant yelling and screaming and bothering other patrons. Where are the parents you might ask? They are just sitting there letting it go on while they talk about the weather or whatever stupid topic of the day it may be.

Now, before you get mad, I'm not talking about babies and toddlers who are throwing temper tantrums because as any parent knows you can't control that. If a baby or child is upset you can't force them to stop crying. You can't tape their mouth shut no matter how much you might want to, lol! The respectful thing to do is to take the child out of the situation until they calm down as to not bother the other people around you. But anyway, that's not my topic of discussion right now. I'm talkin about the parents that just let their kids do whatever they want without any regard to other people. What are you teaching those kids? Nothing. The only thing you may be teaching them is that it's ok to run around squealing and acting like an animal!

A funny thing is, I'm sure people judge my husband and I by our looks. My husband is covered in tattoos and I have multiple piercings and tattoos. When we are out with our children I sometimes notice other people staring at us. I'm sure they are stereotyping us because of the way we look and I can only imagine the things they are saying about us being parents. However, not to toot my own horn but my kids are very well behaved in public. Ofcourse, they are just toddlers right now and do have their little meltdowns here and there but when we are in public they are usually quiet and well behaved. We have even had people come up to us and compliment us on how well behaved our children are. We don't beat the crap out of them, we just teach them that they can't act like animals when out in public (I'm not saying they don't act like that at home, lol)...and we will continue to teach them to have manners and respect for others throughout the years! Even though I may look a little bit different than you I am respectful, kind and caring towards others unless you cross that fine line!

Thursday, June 14, 2007


The legalization of Marijuana has been an ongoing debate for many years! There are always two sides to it and I, for one, support the legalization of Marijuana, but don't believe it will ever happen.

People who don't know about Marijuana just believe everything the press tells them about the subject. The truth is, Marijuana is virtually harmless. Yes, there are some dangers that come along with it, inhaling any kind of smoke into your lungs can be dangerous, that's a given. Other than that, Marijuana is a lot less harmful than people think it is. People use Marijuana for many different reasons. I know people that use it to help with ADHD because it helps them to be able to calm down and focus better. Many people take it for pain. Marijuana is a GREAT sleep aid. It helps you relax and lets you drift off to sleep when you might normally be tossing and turning all night long.

Many people believe that Marijuana is a gateway drug, but I don't agree with that. I admit, I have smoked Marijuana. I'm not ashamed of it because I dont see anything wrong with it. It's a natural plant that comes up out of the ground. It doesn't make me see crazy things. It doesn't make me go nuts and want to hurt anyone. It helps me to be calm and relaxed and have a lot more patience! Marijuana is the only drug that I have ever done and ever will do. My mind is strong enough that I don't need to move on to using more harmful substances.

Marijuana doesn't make people commit crimes. If anyone reading this has used Marijuana they know that it's actually the opposite! Like I stated above, Marijuana makes you calm and relaxed. You don't want to go and cause trouble you just want to relax, lol!

Alcohol is a lot more harmful than Marijuana is, yet it is legal. Alcohol makes people act really stupid and sometimes even angry to the point of being dangerous. Marijuana doesn't do that, it's just the opposite, but it is still illegal!

I once was watching Montel Williams and he was discussing the use of Marijuana. As most of you know, he suffers from a very debilitating disease. On this show he admitted that he uses medicinal Marijuana and goes on to say that he has tried every pain pill out there and nothing worked except Marijuana. If it weren't for Marijuana he wouldn't be able to sleep or even be able to do his show! If it's so helpful then why is it still illegal??

I will always support the legalization of Marijuana but don't think it will even happen. The government will want to figure out some kind of way to tax it so that they can reap the monetary benefits of it, but most people are too closed minded and ignorant about Marijuana that they will never let it be legal.

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Monday, June 11, 2007

3 hots and a cot for Paris!

Ok, the whole Paris Hilton thing is just reallllly getting on my nerves. If it was any average Joe they would have served the full sentence no if's, and's or but's about it!

I was irate when they let her go on house arrest. She has a multi-million dollar mansion what kind of punishment is that? She can have anything she wants delivered to her door! I was very happy to hear that they sent her back to jail and do admit that I smirked when I saw pics of her crying and yelling, "it's not fair!!" However, I do think she should have to serve her FULL sentence, not just part of it .

Why is it that the rich and famous can get away with just about anything? IF they are sent to jail it's only for half of the sentence. It seems to me that money buys everything, even freedom, so if you are rich and famous you can pretty much get away with anything!

Maybe Paris needs a slap of reality in jail. I hope they will leave her with the regular prison population and not give her special privelages or privacy. No one else gets that so why should she? She did the crime, make her do the time! Her pretty little face should be able to find lots of girlfriends in prison!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Marriage is not easy!

On a more serious note today, I'm going to talk about marriage! It's a scary word to some and yet an exciting word for others.

When you first enter into a relationship with someone, most times everything is coming up roses. The passion is there. You can't stand to be away from the other person. You want to spend every waking moment with this person and be with them forever, right? A lot of couples (especially young ones) are quick to jump into marriage. I am one of them, even though I wasn't necessarily "young". My husband and I were married one year after we met. We were inseparable from day one and made many plans to grow old together as cliche as that may sound.

As time goes on, couples get into a routine. Nothing is exciting anymore. The little habits that you used to consider cute now just makes your blood boil! Stresses of children and money problems get in the way and all of this usually ends up in a full out war between man and wife.

Marriage is hard work! It's not as easy as it looks to most.My husband and I got into this routine and things just kept escalating between us. We were arguing almost every day. I would get angry at him for stupid little things, he would become defensive and angry at me for it. It was a vicious cycle and finally got to the point where my husband thought he needed some time to himself to think things over. It was supposed to just be temporary but our separation ended up lasting for 9 months! It was the hardest 9 months of my life. I spent so many nights crying myself to sleep. Hating myself because I felt that if I had been a better wife he wouldn't have left. I spent a lot of time doing research on, which has a lot of great advice for marital problems. Even though the situation was painful, it forced me to look deep into myself and face the things that I didn't like about myself and work on fixing them so that I could be a better person and be a better wife in the end. I talked to other married couples and got a lot of great advice. One of the things that always stuck in my head is to put each other first. I put my husband first and he puts me first. Our goal is to always make sure the other one is happy!

My husband and I have been back together for a little over a month now. So far, so good, but there is always that fear in the back of my head that things will go back to the way they were. We have both learned to be more considerate of the other person and not to take the other person for granted.

If you are thinking about marriage, my words of advice would be: Put each other first, communicate and LISTEN when the other person is talking to you. Don't get defensive immediately just listen and try to see things from their point of view. If you feel yourself getting angry just leave the situation and talk about it calmly at another time. Remember the things that you love about your spouse and over look the things that get on your nerves because usually those things are unimportant. Always make your spouse feel important and loved. Always make time for just the two of you with no kids and no other couples. If you sincerely love the person you married be willing to negotiate to make it work!

*the pic is me and my hubby*

Friday, June 1, 2007

Our NY Experience...

I think this is our stop, LOL

World Trade Center site

Broadway Street

Our alarm clock was set for 3:00 am saturday morning to give us time to wake up and get to the airport. At 2:45am Northwest airlines called us with a recording saying that our flight had been cancelled and they put us on another flight scheduled to arrive in NY at 5:30pm! SEVEN hours after the original arrival time! I was irate and freaking out, so Roger called the airlines and told them that we were on a tight schedule and needed something else, so they got us on a Continental flight that would change planes in Cleveland and would arrive in NY one minute later than our original plane! Since we were put on new flights at the last minute we had separate seats on both flights. Luckily, the little puddle jumper plane from Toledo to Cleveland only had 4 people on it (all 4 were supposed to be on the one that got cancelled), so we could sit wherever we wanted. However, the big plane from Cleveland to Laguardia was full and the grumpy old man sitting with Roger refused to switch seats with me, so I was at the front of the plane and my husband was in the back! Anyway, we saw some beautiful scenery on the way. The plane flew right over NYC and we could see everything from the plane. All of the skyscrapers and the statue of liberty.

We get off of the plane and not even 2 minutes of walking from the gate we literally run into Mark Henry from WWE! He looked really pissed though so we didn't try to talk to him. We get a shuttle to our hotel and in the middle of all of the airport traffic we see like 7 cops surrounding a car, trying to break into it. Some twat left her little kid (small enough to be in a car seat) in the car and the kid locked the doors!

We got to the hotel and since it was too early to check in we went to Jen and Mike's room. Crissie was already there waiting in their room, too! I haven't seen Crissie since our wedding almost 4 years ago and I haven't seen Jen in like 7 years?? Crissie then told us the story from the night before when she was sitting in the hotel lobby in the middle of the night and heard someone screaming and someone came running in saying, "Get a towel".. Thinking someone was hurt she went to look and there was a naked woman running around the parking lot waving the towel over her head, LOL! Only in NY, right??

Once we got checked into our room we got ready to go. The hotel guy told us that the best way to see the city is to buy the metro pass for $7, you can use the bus and subway all day long as much as you want until 3am. Awesome! So we got on the bus and took that to the subway and then went on to Grand Central Station. The subway is a great place for people watchers like me. I love to watch people and you can find alllll kinds of crazy different people on the subway. On our first subway ride we had a man just take out his guitar in the middle of the train and start singing for everyone. The city was packed! We first found a place to eat and then walked around some taking in all of the sights. Then decided to go to the Empire State Building. On the way there I see Morgan Freeman standing on the sidewalk taking photos with people..but wait, he isn't moving? It was a wax statue of him! I thought it was really him at first! We were at the Wax Museum but decided it was too expensive to go into, lol. Then we saw Dave Atell (not sure of the spelling) from the show Insomniac just sitting having a drink but I think he heard us talking about him because he got up and walked away really fast.

So, we get to the Empire State Building. UGH! It was hot out to begin with and we had to wait in line for almost 2 hours just to get up to the top and it was soo damned crowded up there we could barely even get a chance to see anything! By the time we finally DID get up there we were all so pissed off we just wanted to go back down. But guess what? There was a wait to get OUT of the building, too! Oh yeah and they wanted to charge $25 for the group photo they took of us HAHAHA! No way! I had my own camera and could get a lot of pics developed for $25!

After we finally got out of the Empire State Building we had plans to go get the ferry around the statue of liberty but we ended up at Ground Zero. There was a very somber feeling being at ground zero. There was a fire department right across the street from ground zero who were first on the scene when 9-11 happened. They had all kinds of memorials for their fallen firefighters and some of the firefighters who were there when it happened were out there meeting people.

We walked around some more and then decided it was time to go back to the hotel and relax a little bit before going to Duff's. That was a mess. It ended up taking us an hour and a half to get back to the hotel because of construction and other things along the way. We got back to the hotel, had dinner and then realized that we were all wayyy too tired and sore from all of the walking and couldn't deal with more public transportation to get to Duff's that night, LOL! We all ended up falling asleep soon after we got back to our rooms.

The next morning, Crissie found out that some of her friends had come to NY to look for her at Duffs, so she got ahold of them to meet them in the city later on and go home with them. We had breakfast with Jen and Mike before they left back to PA and then we headed off to the city again. Our first stop was the Staten Island Ferry which was a beautiful ride! Went right by the statue of liberty and you could see all of the city from the ferry. It was very relaxing!

After the Ferry we headed back to the Subway to find Crissie's friends. We saw lots of crazy things in the subway stations! After Crissie left, Roger and I were going to go to Rockefeller Center but ended up just walking around. I saw a bunch of lights and something told me to go that way. The crowds were getting bigger and bigger. People coming up to us offering us Rolex watches and Gucci purses! We ended up in Times Square! MTV building, Hard Rock Cafe, Planet Hollywood, M & M World, Broadway..all kinds of things. It was crowded there. Oh yeah, we also saw P. Diddy in his limo (ack). There were limos everywhere, cops everywhere, swat everywhere, street performers, everything! We found some Irish pubs and went into O'Lunneys so Roger could have an Irish beer. We went into Planet Hollywood and saw all sorts of cool props from different movies. We had dinner at Famiglia Pizza which was authentic sicilian pizza and was very famous for their pizza and I know why! yummmm! We ended up just walking around Broadway taking in all of the sights until we were too tired to do anything else! Then we headed back to our hotel and crashed. Had another horrible experience with Northwest Airlines on the way back (dont fly northwest!) but we made it home safely Monday evening. Ohio just seems so quiet and..boring after being in NYC..nothing is quiet there, lol!

Here are a few pics of our trip, to see all of them you can go to my myspace page and view my pics there!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

One of these days...

..I will be back to blogging regularly! I've been spending most of my free time (what I have of it) getting the house all straightened up after the move. It took longer than I expected, but it is almost done just waiting for my husband to move some stuff for me. For the past week the kids and I have been sick. Not sure if it's an actual cold or just sinuses..but we have it all: stuffy noses, runny noses, coughs, tight chest...etc..and just feeling crappy! So this week I have been taking it pretty easy, however Saturday morning at 6:40am we will be taking off in a plane headed for NYC!..well, actually, that plane will go to Detroit and then we will get another one to NYC, lol! It's just going to be a short stay with us coming back Monday afternoon, but I'm so excited! I have a lot of old friends coming to hang out that I haven't seen in years! This will be a nice little getaway for me and my hubby and a welcome break from the kids, LMAO!...and besides that, I LOVE NYC! This will be my third time visiting there but the first two times I was staying with friends on Long Island and we just went to the city for a few hours, so I really didn't get to see a lot of the big attractions there. My husband has never been there. I'm sure I will be taking lots and lots of pics and will probably post some here next week! GAZOO!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

I just moved!

Yep! I just moved..back in with my husband about an hour away from where I used to live. I just moved this past weekend and have lots and lots of unpacking to do and not much time for blogging. Hopefully I will be more settled in next week and can get back in the swing of things again!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Stop Blaming Myspace!

I'm always hearing so many people bash myspace because myspace is getting a bad reputation in the news all the time, but why myspace? Just because it has millions and millions of members and is very popular? That's why we should blame them? What does myspace do that is so horrible? Because they can't screen their users before letting them become members good enough? Well, who CAN screen their users, really? Yes, a lot of websites have statements that no one under 18 or whatever age can join, but how can they really know? They can ask for birth dates, but that's easy to make one up. I guess they COULD ask for people to send them copies of their ID's but how do they REALLY know that the ID is the person sitting in front of the monitor? There is no real way for them to find out! Yes, there are some sick people on myspace, but there are sick people EVERYWHERE! You can find them anywhere on line; chat rooms, message boards, online can they weed them out? They can't!

I know some people mention that there are nude pics on myspace. It's the internet! What do you expect? Yahoo is free to use, you can go into chatrooms and chat with people who have nude pics of themselves in their profiles that are easy to access. So why just blame myspace for it all?? What did they do that is any different from any other online community? NOTHING, except become the biggest and most popular one around at the moment.

Parents need to stop trying to throw the blame on myspace. Your child can access these sort if pics anywhere, and they can bump into weirdos online anywhere, also! YOU, as the parent, need to be the one talking to your child about the hazards of being online and not to trust everyone from the internet. YOU, as the parent need to teach your children which websites not to go to and get involved in what they are doing online.

Myspace is a great fun place to find old friends, make new friends, market you business, market your music and many other things. Stop blaming myspace for being this horrible breeding ground for pedophiles just waiting to pounce on your poor innocent children! Be more involved with your children and then you wouldn't have to blame everyone and everything else!

Check me out on myspace!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Time to promote!

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I've decided that every so often I'm going to show off some of my designs in my DaftCreations shop! I've put some of my sarcastic attitude onto shirts for everyone to wear!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

It has finally happened...

Well, yesterday was d-day. Yes, it has finally arrived. I am officially OLD!!! I finally turned the big 3-0 and said goodbye to my twenties! Sooo sad! But atleast I got to celebrate in style with some good metal bands and lots and lots of liquor shots (well, that was actually a week ago, but I "celebrated" early..even though I wasn't really celebrating!). On my actual birthday I didn't do much other than the ordinary. Worked and took care of screaming non-listening children! Whoooo part-ay!

Well, I need to go find my walker so I can get to the medicine cabinet for my Bengay!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Anyone wanna trade links?

If you have a blog similar to this one, drop me a line here and I will add you to my blog list (and would appreciate a link back). All I ask is that your blog is unique, sarcastic or just plain funny!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Remember Gym Class??

I do understand that the main purpose of Gym class or "Physical Education" is to teach children to be physically active and fit. That's all well and good, but is it really something that is NEEDED in schools? I think not and let me tell you why.

I know that all schools are different and for me Gym class was mandatory from first grade up through tenth grade. Gym class is meant to help kids physically, but people don't realize what it does to kids mentally.

I have been overweight for most of my life and I was not popular. To be perfectly honest, I never liked the popular kids and had no problem not being involved in their clique. However, I was (un)lucky enough to have the majority of my junior high and high school gym classes with the popular crowd and not having any of my friends in there to group together with.

A lot of kids loved Gym class because it was like play time, but for me it was torture. I dreaded going to class every day and would often fake illnesses or P.M.S. to get out of it or "accidently" forget my gym clothes that day so that I didn't have to participate. Why did I loathe gym class so much? Simple. I was an outcast in gym class.

Do teachers not understand what it's like to be the kid that gets picked last to be on a team? To be the player that no one wants? How about when the teacher tells the children to pair up with someone else for a certain exercise and no one wants to pair up with me and I'm stuck with the stinky girl who doesn't take baths? Do they not realize what that does to ones psyche? Always coming in last place in races while everyone watches and laughs? Always being the one that gets struck out in dodge ball or softball? The kind of emotional stress I endured in gym class was horrendous and I remember how glad I was when it was finally over. I'm so thankful that our school didn't have a swimming pool because I couldn't imagine the nightmare of having to wear a bathing suit in front of the entire class! It was awful enough having to chance clothes in the locker room infront of the other girls!

Like I said, I understand the concept behind Physical Education classes but these classes can be very emotionally harmful to people that are less popular or not in physically fit shape. I think they Gym class should be made optional once kids reach a certain age, maybe middle school age? That is a detrimental time in a childs life and this kind of rejection has some harmful effects that can end up lasting them a lifetime!

Monday, March 19, 2007

When did I get old?

My 30th birthday is in just a few weeks now (April 9..mark it on your calendar!). I've always felt young. I always felt like a kid, but now I'm asking myself where the time went?

Thirty? 30! Thirty freakin' years old! I still don't feel like a "grown up". I still love to laugh and act silly and goofy when I can. Adults always seem so boring and serious all of the time. Yes, I am 29 years old, married with 3 children, working every day to take care of these children, but I still feel like that dorky little kid in 9th grade sometimes. I see other people I went to school with that seem so grown up and as if they have it all together but yet even though I am the same age, if not a tad older, I still don't feel like an ADULT!

I'm sitting here thinking about the kids I went to school with that had babies at the young age of 15-16 years old and now their babies are teenagers! Holy Hell! My kids are still just babies and I can't even imagine being my age and having teenagers to deal with!

The other day I was looking through myspace browsing for people in my town and I came across an old neighbor kid. He was young, around the age of 5. He used to wait for the school bus to drop me off and then he would follow me home and bug the Hell out of me until I got fed up with him and sent him back home! I found him on myspace. He's now 18 years old and a good lookin' kid! What happened to all of this time? Where did it all disappear to?

Sometimes I feel like I have missed out on so much. What happened to my twenties? Thirties just sound...old. I remember when I was a kid watching that show, "Thirty Something" and thinking it was about old people! Now I am one of those old people and it's really depressing! My friends are turning old right along with me and we are no longer the young crazy kids that we used to be. We all have families and *gasp* responsibilities. The days of staying up until 4:00 in the morning doing nothing but just talking and laughing are long gone. Sleep is one of my favorite pass times these days and I want to grab every minute of it that I can get!

I miss the days of being care free, doing whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. Now, I'm asking myself what I have to look forward to now? Where are the thirties going to take me? Arthritis? Wrinkles? Being on the other side of the teenage drama years (the horrid PARENT!)? Are my kids going to make fun of me for being old in their eyes? Laughing at me because I don't know every teenage slang word? Hating me because I wont let them stay out after 10pm? Is this who I have become?

Oh, God Help Me.... I'm Old!!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

I hate women!

Ok, so I don't hate all of them, I just don't like most of them! I've always gotten along better with males than I have females. Most women tend to be catty and are always trying to grab the spotlight onto them. What am I getting to here? I just have one basic question...why do some women feel the need to go after a man who has either a wife or girlfriend?

I've been married 3 1/2 years now and have had two different women trying to get with my husband, KNOWING that he has a wife at home! Why? I honestly think that some women like the idea that they can "steal" a man away from another woman. It gives them a sense of accomplishment. Maybe it's because their self esteem is really low and they think that stealing someone else's husband makes them special (so special they should ride the short yellow bus!)? Then they always want to use the excuse, "well, you should be able to keep your man satisfied!". So, just because a couple is having some problems that means that you can just pounce on the man and try to take him away? Do you really think that he is going to just fall madly in love with you and leave his wife and kids forever? Give me a break! Maybe you should just try finding your own man instead of trying to steal one away from someone else!

Women need to have some respect for themselves and for other people. Marriage is so sacred in my eyes. Why would any respectful woman want to come in between that? Do they not realize how trashy and low-life that makes them look? Why would you want to try and destroy a family like that? Are you jealous because someone else has happiness and you don't?

Now, I'm not saying that men are innocent. They are far from innocent! However, I think women just like the idea of competition and think the idea of stealing away a man makes them superior. No, it just makes you a homewrecking slut!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Why are men such babies??

Women, I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about! Men are sometimes almost impossible to be around when they are sick!

For most of us women, when we are sick we just suck it up and do what needs to be done: the cleaning, taking care of the kids and other household chores and/or work. However, when a man is sick he tends to think or atleast act as if he is dying! He will just lie around the house whining and moaning every 5 minutes about how horrible he feels expecting us to cater to his every need and baby him as if he were a child! Who babies us women when we are sick? No one! We still have to get everything done!

Why is it that men think that when they are sick with a common cold or flu that it's the end of the world? I once had a customer through my work at home job complain and whine about being sick and had the nerve to make the comment, "you women have pregnancy and child birth while we have the 'man flu'." I couldn't help but laugh while he went on to explain that it's a "proven fact" that when men get sick it is a lot worse than when women get sick! I then replied with, "no, it's just that men tend to complain more than women do!". That didn't make him too happy and we quickly changed the subject!

The reason I decided to write this rant is because I spent this past weekend with my husband (as I stated before we are separated but trying to work things out). He had been sick all week and was still sick this weekend and I spent all weekend listening to him moan and whine! It ruined my weekend and I absolutely dread it when he starts getting sick because I know what I'm going to have to put up with! Maybe I'm sounding a bit harsh or uncaring but my children don't whine as much when they are sick as he does! I think sometimes he does it just for my attention because when it comes to working to make money he will actually suck it up and go out and do what he has to do, but when he comes home it's a whole different story! Men are funny that way. They always want to act so tough and hardcore until they get a wittle cold!

Friday, February 23, 2007

How to deal with a drama queen?

Drama queens are hard enough to deal with in the adult world but what do you do when it comes to a 2 year old drama queen?

I always said that I wanted to have atleast 1 boy and 1 girl. When I was pregnant with my oldest son I was secretely hoping that my first would be a girl, but I still love that little boy with all of my heart regardless! Then when I found out I was pregnant with twins I was thinking how cute twin girls would be but even though they turned out to be boy/girl twins I was sooo happy that I would atleast have my little girl.

What did I get myself into??

Since she was an infant she has been a constant drama queen. Even as a baby she would cry all the time and no matter what we did she just wasn't happy! She wasn't hungry, didn't need her diaper changed, didn't even care if she was held or not, she just wanted to cry (it wasn't colic)!

Now, she is almost 2 1/2 years old and is an over the top drama queen already! She just whines and cries all the time and most of the time there isn't even a good reason for it! Yes, she has 2 older brothers that do get a bit rough with her sometimes and I can understand her not liking that, but sometimes she just goes too far. Some days she will just be by herself and start whining and it's the fake cry with no tears, just whining and fake crying. If one of the boys just bumps her accidently she will scream and cry as if she just broke a limb! The other day she was sitting on the couch and my oldest just started walking towards her and she started crying. She can stop her crying on the drop of a dime so I know it's all fake!

Here's a funny example of how much of a drama queen she is. All 3 of them were fighting over a toy one day. The boys took off running and Rayne was screaming and yelling bloody murder and she was holding her arm. She wouldn't attempt to move or bend it and we were worried that she might have really been hurt. We rushed her to the E.R. where they did x-rays and found NOTHING wrong. She still refused to try and bend it so they put her arm in a sling but said they didn't see anything wrong with it. I swear to you, as soon as we got back in the car she was fine! She stopped crying and was moving her arm all around! I was sooo mad!

I even spoke to her pediatrician about her crying incase she had some sort of emotional problem and he asked a lot of extensive questions and couldn't come up with anything except that she's a girl, she's the youngest and she's the smallest. SHE WANTS TO BE HEARD! A minute later while he was examining her simply just feeling around in her belly she began to scream and cry with which he responded, "That's the fakest cry I've heard all day!"

Almost everyone I know has boys but after watching a few Supernanny and Nanny 911 shows I've noticed that a lot of other little girls show the same sort of personality trait and I'm thinking it's truly a girl thing. I was a single child, so I didn't have to fight for attention and never had other siblings to argue with. As harsh as this may sound, some days it's hard for me to even want to be around my daughter because it's just screaming and whining every 2 minutes, literally! If the drama is this bad at 2 1/2 what will it be like when she's 15?? Somebody better get me a straight jacket!

**The pic is of her screaming her head off because she fell in the snow (rolls eyes)**

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hello, Me!

This is my first post in my Rants In My Pants blog and I guess I should explain a bit about who I am and go a little more in depth than what my profile shows.

I'm 29 years old and live in Ohio with my 3 year old son named Irish and my 2 year old twins Devlin and Rayne. I have been married since August 1, 2003 but we have been separated since July of 2006. We have spent the last few months working on ourselves and trying to overcome the things that separated us in the first place. We have both done a lot of soul searching and are now trying to fix our broken marriage and become a family again.

Some facts about myself:

*I love the color purple.
*I love metal music.
*I love tattoos and currently have 5 with more planned.
*My husband is covered in tattoos.
*I have my nose and tongue pierced and an "Industrial" ear piercing.
*I have been to so many concerts I can't even guesstimate how many.
*I have a crazy and sometimes even sick sense of humor.
*I met my husband in a yahoo chatroom
*I love to make people laugh.
*I was on birth control when my twins were conceived and they were born 4 days before my sons first birthday.
*I used to be a DJ on a radio show called the "Metal Storm".
*I have a myspace page: here
*I'm very kind and respectful to everyone unless you cross that fine line.
*I love animals.
*I am trying to lose 100 lbs.
*I work from home.
*I have 2 other blogs: Work At Home Strategies & Finding The New Me (weight loss journal, advice and info.)

Some things I hate:

*Talking about politics.
*Arrogant people.
*Nosey people.
*Judgmental people.
*People who make fun of other people just to make themself feel better.
*Long lines in the grocery store.
*(Im sure I can think of a million more, but I'm tired)
*Being tired!

So, what exactly is Rants In My Pants about? Well, everything, pretty much! I'm going to write about whatever I feel like writing about, whether it be my kids, my marriage, what I had for dinner or I might just go on a full out rant on one certain subject that bugs me! A lot of things bug me so I should have plenty to write about! I'm hoping that maybe there will be some other people out there with my same sick sense of humor that are interested in what I have to say here! I will also post various photos whenever I feel like it!

With having 3 toddlers running around and working a couple of work at home jobs, I tend to not have much free time on my hands and now I've just started blogging. I have 2 other blogs on top of this one that I have to try and keep up with so I'm not exactly sure how often I will be able to post in here, but I will try to as much as I can!
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