Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hello, Me!

This is my first post in my Rants In My Pants blog and I guess I should explain a bit about who I am and go a little more in depth than what my profile shows.

I'm 29 years old and live in Ohio with my 3 year old son named Irish and my 2 year old twins Devlin and Rayne. I have been married since August 1, 2003 but we have been separated since July of 2006. We have spent the last few months working on ourselves and trying to overcome the things that separated us in the first place. We have both done a lot of soul searching and are now trying to fix our broken marriage and become a family again.

Some facts about myself:

*I love the color purple.
*I love metal music.
*I love tattoos and currently have 5 with more planned.
*My husband is covered in tattoos.
*I have my nose and tongue pierced and an "Industrial" ear piercing.
*I have been to so many concerts I can't even guesstimate how many.
*I have a crazy and sometimes even sick sense of humor.
*I met my husband in a yahoo chatroom
*I love to make people laugh.
*I was on birth control when my twins were conceived and they were born 4 days before my sons first birthday.
*I used to be a DJ on a radio show called the "Metal Storm".
*I have a myspace page: here
*I'm very kind and respectful to everyone unless you cross that fine line.
*I love animals.
*I am trying to lose 100 lbs.
*I work from home.
*I have 2 other blogs: Work At Home Strategies & Finding The New Me (weight loss journal, advice and info.)

Some things I hate:

*Talking about politics.
*Arrogant people.
*Nosey people.
*Judgmental people.
*People who make fun of other people just to make themself feel better.
*Long lines in the grocery store.
*(Im sure I can think of a million more, but I'm tired)
*Being tired!

So, what exactly is Rants In My Pants about? Well, everything, pretty much! I'm going to write about whatever I feel like writing about, whether it be my kids, my marriage, what I had for dinner or I might just go on a full out rant on one certain subject that bugs me! A lot of things bug me so I should have plenty to write about! I'm hoping that maybe there will be some other people out there with my same sick sense of humor that are interested in what I have to say here! I will also post various photos whenever I feel like it!

With having 3 toddlers running around and working a couple of work at home jobs, I tend to not have much free time on my hands and now I've just started blogging. I have 2 other blogs on top of this one that I have to try and keep up with so I'm not exactly sure how often I will be able to post in here, but I will try to as much as I can!


InspiredHome said...

Spotted your blog through BlogMad! I love reading sarcastic posts as I have a bit of sarcasm flowing through my veins. It's not what you'd normally see. :)

crazedmama said...

Awesome! I hope I wont disappoint you!

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