Sunday, February 21, 2010

People are so rude!

Do people not have common courtesy and manners when shopping for groceries (or in any store for that matter)? I hate going grocery shopping, I really do. It’s a pain in the butt shopping for a family of 5 and it’s even more of a pain when we have to take our kids with us. I mentioned in a previous post about my husband and I having manners and teaching our children manners. Well, we do. Even in stores we are always courteous to others, we say excuse me, and we apologize if we accidentily bump into someone. We also always make sure to stay out of other’s way. We stay on one side of the aisle so that there is room for other people to get through.

Obviously, there are some shoppers who think they own the whole damned store. They will stand right in the middle of the aisle even though they can plainly see other shoppers trying to get through. I went grocery shopping today and noticed a couple that were shopping. The woman was standing on one side of the aisle while her husband was standing on the other side of the aisle shouting to her what to get. Of course, if they BOTH stand on opposite sides there is no room for other people to get down the aisle!

A month or so ago, my husband and I were at the store and there were two women shopping together. They both had a cart and they were standing side by side in the aisle deciding what kind of salsa to get. We had to stand there and wait because there was no room to get through. There were about 3 or 4 other shoppers waiting on the opposite side. Finally, the one woman looked at the other woman and says, “well I guess I have to move because these people are giving me dirty looks”. I snickered when I heard that.. Then the conversation went something like that.

Rude Woman (not talking about me, talking about other shoppers): “Oh, that’s just so rude!”
ME: “No, what’s rude is standing in the middle of the damn aisle so no one can get through!”
RW: “Uhh, it’s called shopping!”
ME: “Uhh no, it’s called being a rude bitch and not having manners enough to get out of the damned way.. You can move over for people to get through!”..

.. She continued to mumble something to her friend, but not loud enough for me to hear…

Then there are the people who just cut you off and don’t even bother to say sorry or excuse me. Or the ones who just let their kids run around like wild animals getting in other shopper’s way. The parent just keeps shopping and doesn’t pay any attention to what their kid is doing. Or.. The people who stand in the middle of the aisle and chit chat with their buddy making everyone go around them or wait while they talk about their boring lives.

I mean, come on. Doesn’t anyone have manners these days? I just can’t believe how rude people are. Sometimes I just end up getting soo pissed off while at the grocery store because of other people. I’m one of those people who can’t keep their mouths shut about it either. If I think someone is being rude, I will say something loud enough for them to hear me!

Get some manners people! How rude!
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