Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rude People With Stupid Crap Coming Out of Their Mouths

I saw a post awhile ago on another blog where someone had made a list of the rude things people said to her at one point. It was so long ago, I don't even remember what it was about, but I put it on my Rant list for this blog (yes, I have a list, haha).

After my twins were born, of course it was very obvious that they were twins because we were carrying around two infants. I absolutely hated going to the store with all of the kids because it never failed, someone would always stop us to talk about the twins or make some rude comment. Don't get me wrong, a lot of nice people commented on our twins (in fact, Ben Rothlisberger's parents came up to us in the mall and told us how adorable our kids were). The reason I got so frustrated was, for one, that I hated going to the store any way and I just wanted to get in and get out without being stopped by strangers that know nothing about us. The other reason, was because of the rude ass stuff people used to say. Here we go:

"Are they twins? Oh My God! Better you than me!"

"Twins? .. I'd kill myself!"

"Don't you know how that happens??"

and one that really got on my nerves was, "oh, you are so blessed, God  wouldn't have given you more than you could handle". It sounds nice enough, right? But, first of all, I am not a religious person. Second of all: I did not want any more babies for a long time. After having my oldest and realizing how difficult a newborn can be, we wanted to wait a few years. My dumbass doctor gave me the wrong dose of birth control and I ended up pregnant with twins when our oldest was only 4 months old. We were not financially ready for another baby. Hell, we could barely afford diapers. Mentally, I wasn't ready for another one. Having the twins so soon after the first was soo stressful. The last fucking thing I needed was for people to make snotty little comments about it, or telling me how blessed I am.. when I usually cried every day!

Now, don't get me wrong, of course I love my kids. That time in my life was just very difficult, but I did make it through and now I enjoy having the kids so close in age (well, most of the time). I just wish people would THINK before they open their big fucking mouths, especially to a stranger that they know nothing about. These people didn't know us, didn't know our situation, didn't know anything about us. Now, all of our kids look different; the twins don't look anything like, even have different hair color, so no one usually realizes that they are twins. Once in a blue moon someone will ask if they are twins and mention their blue eyes. I'm actually glad that they aren't identical. People say a lot of stupid ass shit.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Why Are They So Obnoxious?

I'm taking a risk posting about this topic, but this is something that has really been nagging at me and many other people. First, let me ask this question: Why do most black people think it is ok to be loud, rude, and disrespectful to others? Now, get that look off of your face right now and read on first before you start calling me names. Also, remember I said "most" not ALL.

Lemme start from the beginning. I grew up in a small town that had a bad reputation; in fact, it was nicknamed "Little Detroit" (and for good reason). I remember when I was in high school, I would tell my mom how rude the black kids were. They were always sooo fucking loud, yelling and screaming down the hallways, or laying in the middle of the hallways. Teachers were afraid to discipline them because as soon as the teachers would, the kids would scream, "It's because I'm black!".. Umm, no, it's because you are acting like a flaming asshole!.. When I first told my mom this, she just blew it off, basically saying that it couldn't be that bad. I kept telling her to just wait and she would see for herself.

I don't remember what year it was in high school, but our school had a talent show. My mom went. She couldn't believe how rude and loud all of the black people were. They were screaming and yelling and acting like fucking idiots. No one else was acting that way. See, I told her!

Then came my high school graduation. At the beginning of the ceremony, they asked that everyone be quiet and hold your applause until the END of the ceremony after all of the students have received their diploma. Of course, no one really listened and when they would call names, people would clap and cheer. However, any time a black person's name was called, it was more than clapping and cheering. It was hoopin' and hollerin, and acting like a damned fool!! My mom finally saw what I dealt with on a regular basis.

Yeeears later (I'm not saying how many), I graduated from college (just this past Friday, in fact).  Everyone was excited and happy to be graduating. They called each class individually, like Pharmacy, or Medical Transcription. They then had the class come up and each person was given their degree one by one. The practical nursing class is probably about 95% black and they were the last class to be called (it was all in alphabetical order). The majority of them must have thought this was the hoe convention or something because most of them showed up looking like hoochies. I'm talking mini skirts that barely cover the ass, fishnets, and stilletos. Before the ceremony, they would stand in the middle of the aisle posing for photos like they are fucking models, not letting anyone through, making people stand there and wait. Anyway... sooo, they didn't even let the announcer say the class name. They interrupted her and just started screaming and yelling and barking (yes, you should know what it means when I say barking!). There were like 50 people in the class with maybe 5 white people. Every black name that was called, their family and friends were acting like fucking animals again. Each student was asked to limit their guests to 4 each. Some of these people brought like 20 people with them, taking all of the seats. My friend's brother had to stand the whole time because there were no seats left. Some guys sitting behind my family were playing dirty music on their cell phones. A little asian lady asked them to turn it off and to stop being rude. They just laughed at her and kept playing the music. Finally, my husband turned around and told them in a not so nice way to turn their shit off. They did that time. Even after the ceremony, some of them were trying to push in front of the graduates that were walking out in line, until someone from the school had to go over and ask them to let the graduates go first! I turned around and told this one bitch to have some f'n respect!

Now, don't get me wrong, there are white people and other races that act this way, but they are far and few between. I'm sincerely asking if someone can explain to me why black people think it is ok to act like that? I also know that not ALL black people act this way either. There are some that can act like a decent human being and be respectful of others around them. I'm the type of person that is nice to everyone as long as they are nice and respectful to me. These people had absolutely no respect for anyone else. They had no respect for other graduates, the teachers that were there, or the families that were there. They always want to pull the race card, but what do they think their ancestors would think of their behavior? I have to admit, they make it really hard not to become racist. If it was just a one time incident, it would be different.. but I see this all the time. It's like they always have to be the center of attention and overly dramatic. I was disgusted by how these people acted.. they made the whole school like trashy. What makes them think it is OK to act like this??

Monday, October 10, 2011

Homework: When Is It Too Much??

I now have two first graders and one second grader. I knew that when we moved to a smaller town, that their smaller school would probably a bit tougher, but wow, I am overwhelmed. These kids just turned 7 and 8 years old. They spend 6 1/2 hours in school and then have another hour or so worth of homework at home, each. At this age, they really don't have a great attention span and they can't just do their homework on their own yet; we have to help them with everything and make sure they are doing it all right and doing everything they are supposed to get done. We have to actually sit there the whole time. I think I spend more time helping my young children with their homework, than I did on my own college homework! Our kids come home, play for a little bit, dinner time, then homework. By the time they are done with their homework, it is just about bath and bed time. We can't do anything "extra".. like, say, go for a walk together, or what about extra curricular activities like Cub Scouts or sports?? My second grader was in 1st grade last year at a different school and the only homework he had was some vocabulary, and like 3 worksheets he had to have finished by Friday each week. At this new school, all of them usually have math, reading, spelling, vocabulary, writing, and an extra reading assignment (usually a whole book) for their reading intervention class because they are a little behind, EVERY night. Three of them. I mean, seriously, even with my husband helping, it seems to take all night! The kids are tired and frustrated, and so is mom and dad!

Don't get me wrong, I know all kids have homework. Older kids usually have time to do their homework in class or they have a study hall class that they can at least get most of it done. When does homework become too much, though? Can't they just be kids after school and play, and annoy mommy and daddy like kids are supposed to?? Thank God I'm done with college now, otherwise my husband would be the one stuck helping all 3 of them since I took evening classes!! I guess I shouldn't complain too much, at least I know they are getting a good education. It's just frustrating some nights when they seem to have just soooo much to do!!!
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