Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Does Marriage Mean Anything?

A few nights ago, I was watching the local news when a story came on about a new social networking/dating website that specifically targets married people. Their tagline was even something like, "life is short, have an affair". I'm not even going to mention the companies name because they don't deserve recognition on my blog! I am disgusted by this. When is it ok for married people to casually cheat? Does marriage not mean anything to anyone these days? What's the point of getting married if you are just going to cheat throughout the marriage?

This company had millions of users and Ohio had the second highest member rate in the country. What is wrong with people? They interviewed the guy who started it, he's happily married and says his wife has no problems with it. Well, of course she has no problem with it, you are probably a millionaire! How could you feel good about yourself when you are promoting and glamorizing infidelity and breaking up of families? Can you feel proud of yourself, or feel like a success knowing that you are causing other people (including children) so much pain and heartache? What happens if an upset husband decides to come after YOU because you started the damned thing? HA, then you would get what you deserve!

So, I'm looking for some opinions here. What is your opinion on websites like this that promote cheating? What does the word marriage mean to you? Some people think marriage is just a piece of paper while others believe that marriage is forever, through thick and thin. How many of you believe that marriage is supposed to be forever? Maybe I'm old fashioned in that sense, but when I got married it was to be forever, and even though we have been through Hell and back, I still imagine growing old with my husband. Marriage is not easy, and there will be temptations, but you have to be stronger than the temptations if you truly love and care about your spouse. Do you agree? Tell me.
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