Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Boo Hoo!!!

Soo, the other day I was looking through my stats when I noticed I had some traffic generated from a link that I hadn't seen before. I went to check it out and it was a blog that reviewed this very blog! However, it wasn't a very good one and I think I shall cry! *waaaah*..

Thought I would give my two cents back on the review. First of all, the review stated that this blog is boring and I need a better layout. Was also stated that I need to post more often. Hmm, well, first of all, this blog is more like a personal blog where I just post about any random thing that I feel like posting about, therefore, if you find it boring, I really don't care; don't read it!

I know the layout is a bit boring, just a plain old blogger blog, right?? I don't really have the time to mess around with designing a new layout for this or paying someone to do it for me. To be honest, I would rather have someone interested in my blog because of the content not because of the layout. Believe me, I've seen a lot of nice looking blogs with snoozers for posts! I've also seen some somewhat boring looking blogs with very interesting information throughout the blog. What's that old saying? Oh yes, I think it's something along the lines of "don't judge a book by its cover". Did I get that right?? *grins*

Yes, I would LOVE to be able to post more often! I would post every day if it was possible, but you see, I have three children aged 5 years and younger whom I have to take back and forth to school every day. I also work and am going to school myself. I'm lucky that I'm able to get dishes finished let alone blog every day! If you can give me 5 more hours in the day, maybe that would be possible! Not everyone has the pleasure of having enough free time to blog every day or every other day at that!

Anyway, I don't know why this blog reviewed me, but good or bad it still got me some new hits, so thanks a ton!!

On another note, well, sort of, leading from the "needing posts more often" thing, it may be awhile before I post here. Have a busy weekend coming up with Easter, then we are going to Tennessee next week for a week to visit my sister in law and her husband. I'm soo excited, I love road trips and we have so many fun things planned! Then we are moving the first week of May and I still have lots of packing to do. I will try to post here when I get a chance.. To those of you who are NOT bored with this here blog, thanks for sticking around!

P.S. Tomorrow's my birthday. I'm so depressed. Why is it then when you are young you can't WAIT for your birthday to get here? Then the older you get, the more depressing it is when it comes around?? Ack!
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