Monday, April 23, 2012

Are You A Texting Addict??

I'm sure you all know one.. or maybe you ARE one? I'm talking about a text addict. Don't get me wrong, I love my cell phone and texting but after awhile, I get bored with texting. I can not sit for hours and hours texting. If I'm doing something important and my phone goes off, that text message can wait until I'm finished. When I'm driving, I don't text unless it's important.. but then I will call because it's easier to talk and drive than text and drive. It is not possible to have your eyes on your phone and the road ahead of you.. just because you have two eyes doesn't mean that they can both do two different things at once.

So what defines a texting addict? Someone who texts from the time they wake up until they go to bed at night. The ones who text while they are driving and swerve all over the road putting other people's lives in danger. A texting addict ignores everyone else around them because they are soo involved in their texting conversations. Or the annoying person at the store who isn't watching what they are doing or what their kids are doing because they are too busy texting.

"Anything that you can become obsessed with, and you do so much that you don't do the things you need to do with family, friends, school, job -- that can be an addiction. And texting absolutely can qualify," said Dr. Dale Archer, a clinical psychologist. 
And teenage girls lead the charge.

 My problem? I AM MARRIED TO A TEXTING ADDICT! A grown 34 year old man.. NOT a teenage girl! Since we have smartphones, not only is he texting, he is also chatting with people via Facebook chat on his phone.. alll.. the... time.... We try to watch something on TV together, he's not paying attention because he is texting. The kids are trying to ask him a question, he doesn't hear them because he is so involved in his text conversations. We are already having marital problems and one of the biggest problems is that I can't have a fucking conversation with my husband without being interrupted with text messages. He will IGNORE me to answer a text message. If I ask him a question, he will not answer ME until he answers his text messages. Texting is actually causing a huge problem in our marriage because he is so fucking obsessed. Texting seems to be his priority over his marriage and everything else. AND.. he texts while he drives.. all the fucking time. One day a few weeks ago, I was following him in a different car because his car had to go to the shop.. I could tell when he was texting because he would slow down and be swerving over the yelling line or would be driving practically in the grass. He texts and drives with me and our 3 children in the car. I've tried talking to him numerous times about it but of course he sees nothing wrong with it and I am just overreacting. I told him he is putting our kids' lives in danger, but he doesn't see it that way. He thinks he is a "pro" at texting and driving. There is no such fucking thing!! Some days, I just want to throw his fucking phone out the damned window. The other day, we were talking... and I asked him something but instead of answering me, he had to answer a text message. I said, "is that text message that fucking important?".. his response, "I'm in the middle of a conversation".. Me: No shit, I thought you were having a conversation with your WIFE!

Why do people become so obsessed with texting? When does texting take priority over other REAL live people in your life? Or when is texting more important than the safety of your own family? I seriously don't know what it's going to take to get him to realize that he has a problem. I am not going to be SECOND to fucking text messages. Fuck that. Oh, and he gives his number to just about everyone he meets so that they can text.  Why is texting soo important to people?

Do you know someone who is a texting addict? or are YOU one??

Friday, April 13, 2012

Parents and Trendy Kid Names

I heard on the news the other day that there is a big trend going on right now with new mothers naming their kids after characters from The Hunger Games and Beyonce's brat Ivy Bleu (blue?). God you people make me sick!!

I'm all for kids having unique names. I mean, come on, when I was in college, I knew like 10 people who all had a kid named Aiden or Ayden or whatever other version they could come up with for the name. Why would you want your kid to have the same name as 10 other kids in his class?? Help them to be unique!

But come on.. naming your kid after a new trendy movie (one which I refuse to watch, along with the whole Twilight series bullshit). And why, for god's sake, WHY would you want to name your kid after Beyonce's little brat? The one who shut down half of a hospital because she thinks her kid is soo much more important than alll of the babies in the NICU?? I seriously hope your kid gets beat up when he's older. Well, it really wouldn't be fair to to the kid but maybe YOU should just have your ass kicked. Why do stupid people think it's ok to raise children? I swear, dumbass people make me roll my eyes on a daily basis. Use that thing in your skull called a brain and start thinking for yourself instead of just going along with everyone else. That's boring.. and so are you.
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