Sunday, March 25, 2007

Remember Gym Class??

I do understand that the main purpose of Gym class or "Physical Education" is to teach children to be physically active and fit. That's all well and good, but is it really something that is NEEDED in schools? I think not and let me tell you why.

I know that all schools are different and for me Gym class was mandatory from first grade up through tenth grade. Gym class is meant to help kids physically, but people don't realize what it does to kids mentally.

I have been overweight for most of my life and I was not popular. To be perfectly honest, I never liked the popular kids and had no problem not being involved in their clique. However, I was (un)lucky enough to have the majority of my junior high and high school gym classes with the popular crowd and not having any of my friends in there to group together with.

A lot of kids loved Gym class because it was like play time, but for me it was torture. I dreaded going to class every day and would often fake illnesses or P.M.S. to get out of it or "accidently" forget my gym clothes that day so that I didn't have to participate. Why did I loathe gym class so much? Simple. I was an outcast in gym class.

Do teachers not understand what it's like to be the kid that gets picked last to be on a team? To be the player that no one wants? How about when the teacher tells the children to pair up with someone else for a certain exercise and no one wants to pair up with me and I'm stuck with the stinky girl who doesn't take baths? Do they not realize what that does to ones psyche? Always coming in last place in races while everyone watches and laughs? Always being the one that gets struck out in dodge ball or softball? The kind of emotional stress I endured in gym class was horrendous and I remember how glad I was when it was finally over. I'm so thankful that our school didn't have a swimming pool because I couldn't imagine the nightmare of having to wear a bathing suit in front of the entire class! It was awful enough having to chance clothes in the locker room infront of the other girls!

Like I said, I understand the concept behind Physical Education classes but these classes can be very emotionally harmful to people that are less popular or not in physically fit shape. I think they Gym class should be made optional once kids reach a certain age, maybe middle school age? That is a detrimental time in a childs life and this kind of rejection has some harmful effects that can end up lasting them a lifetime!

Monday, March 19, 2007

When did I get old?

My 30th birthday is in just a few weeks now (April 9..mark it on your calendar!). I've always felt young. I always felt like a kid, but now I'm asking myself where the time went?

Thirty? 30! Thirty freakin' years old! I still don't feel like a "grown up". I still love to laugh and act silly and goofy when I can. Adults always seem so boring and serious all of the time. Yes, I am 29 years old, married with 3 children, working every day to take care of these children, but I still feel like that dorky little kid in 9th grade sometimes. I see other people I went to school with that seem so grown up and as if they have it all together but yet even though I am the same age, if not a tad older, I still don't feel like an ADULT!

I'm sitting here thinking about the kids I went to school with that had babies at the young age of 15-16 years old and now their babies are teenagers! Holy Hell! My kids are still just babies and I can't even imagine being my age and having teenagers to deal with!

The other day I was looking through myspace browsing for people in my town and I came across an old neighbor kid. He was young, around the age of 5. He used to wait for the school bus to drop me off and then he would follow me home and bug the Hell out of me until I got fed up with him and sent him back home! I found him on myspace. He's now 18 years old and a good lookin' kid! What happened to all of this time? Where did it all disappear to?

Sometimes I feel like I have missed out on so much. What happened to my twenties? Thirties just sound...old. I remember when I was a kid watching that show, "Thirty Something" and thinking it was about old people! Now I am one of those old people and it's really depressing! My friends are turning old right along with me and we are no longer the young crazy kids that we used to be. We all have families and *gasp* responsibilities. The days of staying up until 4:00 in the morning doing nothing but just talking and laughing are long gone. Sleep is one of my favorite pass times these days and I want to grab every minute of it that I can get!

I miss the days of being care free, doing whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. Now, I'm asking myself what I have to look forward to now? Where are the thirties going to take me? Arthritis? Wrinkles? Being on the other side of the teenage drama years (the horrid PARENT!)? Are my kids going to make fun of me for being old in their eyes? Laughing at me because I don't know every teenage slang word? Hating me because I wont let them stay out after 10pm? Is this who I have become?

Oh, God Help Me.... I'm Old!!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

I hate women!

Ok, so I don't hate all of them, I just don't like most of them! I've always gotten along better with males than I have females. Most women tend to be catty and are always trying to grab the spotlight onto them. What am I getting to here? I just have one basic question...why do some women feel the need to go after a man who has either a wife or girlfriend?

I've been married 3 1/2 years now and have had two different women trying to get with my husband, KNOWING that he has a wife at home! Why? I honestly think that some women like the idea that they can "steal" a man away from another woman. It gives them a sense of accomplishment. Maybe it's because their self esteem is really low and they think that stealing someone else's husband makes them special (so special they should ride the short yellow bus!)? Then they always want to use the excuse, "well, you should be able to keep your man satisfied!". So, just because a couple is having some problems that means that you can just pounce on the man and try to take him away? Do you really think that he is going to just fall madly in love with you and leave his wife and kids forever? Give me a break! Maybe you should just try finding your own man instead of trying to steal one away from someone else!

Women need to have some respect for themselves and for other people. Marriage is so sacred in my eyes. Why would any respectful woman want to come in between that? Do they not realize how trashy and low-life that makes them look? Why would you want to try and destroy a family like that? Are you jealous because someone else has happiness and you don't?

Now, I'm not saying that men are innocent. They are far from innocent! However, I think women just like the idea of competition and think the idea of stealing away a man makes them superior. No, it just makes you a homewrecking slut!
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