Friday, January 30, 2009

The horrible Economy

I have to say, the economy is really beginning to scare me. More and more people are losing their jobs. Less and less businesses are hiring. People that have been at their jobs for 15+ years are being told that they are just not needed anymore. These people lose the only job they may have ever had only to find out that they can't find a job anywhere else! Unemployment rates have skyrocketed. Unemployment benefits are far lower than what their paychecks were. Something is better than nothing but it's hard to be able to survive on HALF of what you were making! Now the government is cutting back on funding for assistance. Utilities are becoming less lenient with their customers. Prices for everything have shot up. The price of food is ridiculous! The only thing that helps is that gas prices have gone back down. $1.80 a gallon is a lot better than $4.00 a gallon!

How are people supposed to survive when they can't find a job? Can't afford rent? Food? Utilities? I just heard on the news yesterday that even animal shelters are reporting an increase in surrendered animals because pet owners can't even afford to feed their beloved pets. A lot of people are going to end up homeless because of this. I'm going to school right now trying to better myself but now I'm scared that I wont even be able to find a job in my field!

How is this country going to get out of this economic crisis? Why is our government more worried about helping people in OTHER countries than helping US?? I heard on the news a few days ago that they are expecting the economy to turn around by the end of the year. It's only January. What are people supposed to do for the rest of the 11 months?? I truly do hope that Obama follows through with his promises. We need a change but we need it NOW.

I also feel that a lot of businesses are taking advantage of people by raising prices. The company my mother works for has had two price increases in the past year. The owner was quoted as saying, "we don't NEED to raise our prices.. but why not if we can get away with it?". Just another case of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

So What Inauguration!

I'm really surprised at how many bloggers can not come up with anything better to write about than the freakin' inauguration the other day! I was doing some blog surfing and blog after blog was about the inauguration. Isn't it bad enough that it was all over the tv.. allll freakin day looong?? From the time I woke up until the 11:00pm news that is all I heard about! The video's of all the people crying, "our first black president".. blah, blah, blah. Hey, he's HALF black, half white! I can call him WHITE, too can't I? I'm not making this a racial thing but it's getting really freakin' annoying!

Come up with something interesting to write about! Something that you can't watch on every TV channel or every website that you go to! Write something unique.. not the same old crap repeated over and over.. and over. Blah. Believe me, as soon as I see Obama's picture on a blog I click right off of it. Enough already people! I do hope that he follows through with all of his promises, but what president has??

Friday, January 16, 2009

Ohio winter and stupid people!

I grew up in Ohio and have hated winter time ever since I can remember! Well, ok, I guess I liked it as a child because it meant snow days off from school! Now as an adult we don't get snow days, but I guess I can't complain too much since I work from home and don't have to go out in this crap.

I had to cancel a few plans because of the weather. It's difficult to plan things ahead of time in Ohio or any area where there is a lot of snow because you never know when the snow will decide to fall! I hate winter because it's cold and miserable! You have to put on 5 layers of clothing just to go outdoors and if you have children you have to get them all bundled up in coats, hats, gloves, boots! You can't do much outdoors because it's too cold. If you want to go play in the snow you really can't stay outside long because it's cold and wet in the snow! The windows in the house have to be shut and locked so that means you are stuck inside with stale air all of the time.. no wonderful fresh air to breathe in!

Driving.. well, you would think that most people would know how to drive in the snow here in Ohio. Some people still drive like idiots in the ice and snow. They think because they have a fancy car they can still drive fast on the snow and ice or if they have a big SUV that means they can drive normally on the ice?? Hmm, you would be surprised how many cars we have seen off the side of the road in the ditch! Now, don't get me wrong, there are instances where the roads are soo bad that no matter how slow you are going you can still lose control. Believe me, it's happened to me before... but the people that take no precautions on the ice and snow deserve it to be honest! Oh and let's not forget the idiots that decide to stay right on your bumper despite the ice and the snow, knowing FULL well that if you start to slide they are going to run right into me and they wont be able to stop in time! DUH!

So, anyway.. last month we got a huge ice storm which was just HORRIBLE! You couldn't hardly walk on the ice let alone DRIVE on it.. or STOP on it for that matter! It lasted for days and days, too but it eventually did melt.

Then a week ago it snowed.. and it snowed.. and it snowed.. Snowed for like 4 days non stop. The snow just kept piling up and piling up. We had so much snow that we almost couldn't get our front screen door open because the snow was THAT high! The kids loved playing in it though and so did the dog! The snow is here but now the temperature is horribly low (-8 last time I checked) and the wind chills are supposed to get down to between -20 and -30 tonight. My kids don't understand that it is just TOO cold to play out in the snow today! Also, our idiot neighbors have 2 dogs that they keep caged up in this tiny little fenced in kennel. They have ONE little igloo dog house for them, but that's all of the shelter they get! I never see them get any attention from their owners and they never get to run or have any kind of exercise. They leave them outdoors 24/7. The other night they were barking and howling all night.. poor things probably thought they were going to freeze to death!!! They seem to be fine today despite the frigid temperatures but I still think it's awful! Why get animals if you are going to just abandon them in the freezing cold like that to freeze to death?? UGH!

So that's my rant.. WINTER .. and stupid pet owners!... Ooh and a little slide show of the snowy weather!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Tattoo Discrimination

Kind of ironic, after I wrote my last post on being positive for 2009 we find out that my husband got turned down for a manager spot at his job.. because of his tattoos!! The area manager was really pushing to get my husband a manager spot. Was very happy with his work and thought he would make a great manager. The head honcho came down last week to meet with my husband. Told him that he really, really liked his work ethic. He has a very friendly, outgoing personality and has a way of motivating people to follow the rules! Sounded good, right??

The next day he gets told that he was turned down for the position because of his tattoos. Soo, I guess work ethic and responsibility don't mean jack schitt if you have tattoos? I guess my husband busting his ass every day, always being there on time, coming in on his days off to help out when they need it.. all of that didn't mean anything. The ink on his skin is what matters the most!

I can not believe that in the year of 2009 people are still THIS freaking ignorant and judgmental! Don't we teach children NOT to judge others by what they look like?? I know I will always try to instill that into my children. Why is it that adults can't practice what they preach?

Instead of having someone who has a good work ethic and knows how to do his job RIGHT they would rather have some other fucktard run everything the wrong way! Someone that doesn't follow rules, someone who lies their way through everything? Welcome to corporate america! We don't care how good of a worker you are.. it's the outside that counts!

I normally don't curse so much in my posts but this has really pissed me off. My husband has been through a lot with jobs. He has really been trying hard to get somewhere, trying to do what he needs to do to move up the ladder just to get pushed back down because people still stereotype anyone who has tattoos?? Wake up people!! The color of your skin does not define WHO you are! White, black, brown or multiple ink colors! It's all just color! Blah!

OH and while Im here.. Ive made a Squidoo lense for this blog! Check it out here: RANTS SQUIDOO
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