Monday, July 30, 2007

Random stuff!

I don't really do much random posting, just vents and rants here. I'm going to do little random posts once in awhile whenever I feel like it. My monday is starting off crappy already. My twins are just insane today. They always drive me crazy. I often wonder if they have ADHD (seriously) well, I think my son definitely could have it and my daughter just has problems paying attention. My oldest is getting ready to start school in September. He's sooo excited about going to school but mostly excited about getting to ride a bus, lol! He had to get a physical last week before he can start school and everything went well there. ...Besides my kids driving me crazy today our dog (a big ass pit bull) pooped upstairs and it stunk up the whole damned house, I swear to you I could even smell it on the basement steps!!!! He's usually very good about telling us when he has to go outside so I dont know what his problem was this morning. A few other things happened this morning to just put me in a bad mood! I'm trying to calm down because I hate being in a bad mood, it just seems to happen a lot, lol! I have to work this afternoon..I work from home and my kids know when my attention is somewhere else and as soon as they know that I'm working then they start getting into everything!

I found out yesterday that my grandmother has cancer. She's 94 but has been in pretty good health for her age. She's never had any kinds of alzheimers or any real health problems up til now. She had a lump removed and the doctors confirmed that it was cancer. Because of her age there really isn't much they can do about it and they dont know if they got it all. Her brother died a few years ago from cancer. I just hope that she's not in a lot of pain. My grandma and I have always been very close. She babysat me when I was little and when I got older for awhile while I was out of work she paid me to stay with her all day and help her do things around the house. She moved into an assisted living home a few years ago just because it became harder for her to get around by herself and make her owns meals. She didn't want to go but now she really enjoys it there. She has her own little apartment and has a lot of friends there. She said she's not going to worry about the cancer but I'm sure she's scared inside. We have all known that because of her age she wont be around for much longer (her father lived to be 99)..but it's going to be very hard on me when she passes. Just thinking about it now gets me teary eyed. I was her only grandchild and the funny thing is, my mom was not married when she got pregnant and at first my grandma didnt want anything to do with me because of that (old fashioned) and now i'm her pride and joy. I'm just thankful that she lived to see me get married and have children of my own and my kids always put a big smile on her face!

Anyway, just felt like babbling a little bit. I'm sure I'll have something else to rant about later in the week or something....

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Do you judge people?

If you saw this man above, what would you think? Would you just go on your way not noticing? Would you admire his tattoos? Would you snicker and think to yourself, "oh my god, look at all of those tattoos!"? Would you be scared of him?

Tattoos have evolved a great deal since the beginning. Tattoos used to be seen as a marking for motorcycle gangs or other gangs in general. The popularity has increased over the past few years when it became trendy to get a little rose tattoo on your ankle or a butterfly on top of your foot.

What about someone like this who has a lot of tattoos? Do you judge people based on tattoos? Would you not give this guy a job even though he is well qualified because of his tattoos? Would you make comments about him to your friends? Would you be nervous if he came up beside you in a store?

Tattoos are an art form to some. Some people get tattoos just to be trendy and look "cool". For others they are a way to release their emotions and memories by having them etched into their skin permanently. Why do so many people stereotype someone just because they have tattoos? Does getting a tattoo suddenly take away brain cells? Does getting a tattoo instantly make you a "thug" or a drug dealer? Are people really that closed minded to believe things like this?

Guess what? That man in the photo above is my husband! Yes, he has a lot of tattoos! Does that mean he is a bad person? NO! My husband is caring and kind. If he sees someone pulled over on the side of the road he will stop and offer his assistance. He love animals. He is a great husband and an even greater father to our children. I can't tell you how many times he has been discriminated against due to his tattoos. He has been followed around in stores by employees making sure he doesn't steal something. He has been turned down for jobs because of his tattoos. A lot of employers aren't afraid to say that tattoos are a reason for not hiring him. Oh, he might be able to do laborous jobs in the back but he wouldn't be allowed to deal with the public looking like that. Why is that? It's because people are so closed minded and bigoted that they will judge someone based purely on appearance and companies are afraid of losing business! Isn't this 2007? The last time I checked it was! However, people still judge others on appearance whether it be tattoos, piercings, being overweight, being too skinny, having nappy hair, anything at all. Anything that is not considered "normal" is usually shunned. Isn't it a shame that people are not allowed to truely express themselves the way that they want to because of other people's judgmental minds? I honestly don't care what other people think. People that I don't know are not important to me. The only opinions I care about are of my family and friends. If you are going to judge me or my husband based purely on how we look or dress then we don't want you in our lives anyway!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Movie and TV show reviews!

Have you ever seen a movie preview on TV that looked really good and then when you go see it you end up being completely disappointed and angry that you wasted all of that money? It happens to me all the time and ofcourse the theatre wont give you your money back if the movie sucks!

I came across a website that reviews movies and tv shows! You can choose from movie/DVD reviews and read an honest opinion on the movie before spending time or money to go see it and have it end up being a flop! You can also join in the movie discussions with other people about the specific movie that has been reviewed! You can even WIN DVD's just for giving your opinion on something!

Apart from movies, they also have a very interesting section for TV Show reviews where you can get information on TV shows that are on the tube and also give your opinions and join in the discussions!

So if you like to read up on the newest movies and TV shows while giving your own opinion, too then this is a website to check out!

This is a sponsored post.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

No Smoking!!

So many cities/states are approving a smoking ban which usually bans smoking in public places such as restaurants and some bars. I for one LOVE the smoking ban for restaurants. Most restaurants usually had just a smoking and non smoking section as if the smoke would just stay in that one little area and wouldn't float through the air to the non smoking section!

I used to smoke. I quit when I became pregnant with my first child and never picked the habit back up. A lot of it was because my husband finds women who smoke disgusting and I felt a huge difference in my breathing once I stopped smoking. When I did smoke I tried to have respect for others that didn't smoke by not lighting up around them. However, a lot of smokers don't have that same respect.

My grandmother is now 94 years old. Before the smokin bans came into affect she was never able to go out and eat in a restaurant because the second hand smoke made it very difficult to breathe. Did smokers care? Not one bit!

It is VERY nice to be able to enjoy a meal with my family without having to inhale nasty disgusting second hand smoke. When my children were infants I tried to stay away from restaurants because I didn't want my children to be forced to inhale second hand smoke, either.

As far as the smoking in bars go, I think that's a bit silly! If you are going out to a bar you should expect to come home smelling like cigarette smoke, it's just a given. A bar scene is meant to be filled with cigarette smoke, that's just part of going there so I don't think that should be taken away from bar dwellers.

My main point is, if you smoke please have respect for other people. Smokers get soo irate when talking about the smoking ban, but come on.. Is it REALLY that hard to eat a meal without lighting up? Is it REALLY that difficult to wait an hour until you leave the restaurant to smoke another one? If it is that big of a deal then I think you have more problems than what you think! I know smokers don't realize the stench that cigarette smoke causes. Like I said, I used to smoke but I never realized how much it literally STINKS. Now even if I'm in a store and a smoker walks by me, the mere smell of that nasty stale cigarette smokes makes me nauseous! Smokers just don't realize how bad they smell because they are so used to it but maybe if they realize how much they really do stink they would give it a second thought before lighting up another one!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

25 Random Things about me!

Ok, I've been seeing lots of people do the 100 random things about me posts. I'm going to break it up and just do 25 at a time and will throw them in here in between other posts! I'm just writing down any random thing that comes to my mind at the moment, feel free to add comments!

1. I was an only child.
2. My mother was a single mom.
3. My father left when I was 3 weeks old. He didn't believe I was his and he took one look at me, turned around and walked away.
4. My mom was adopted, so I really don't know anything about my heritage or where I am from.
5. I've been overweight since the age of 5, even though I was a very active kid.
6. I love heavy metal music.
7. I've been in many mosh pits. \m/
8. I have 5 tattoos and want a lot, LOT more.
9. I've had my nose pierced for 11 years.
10. I hate tomatoes.
11. But I love ketchup.
12. My favorite food is pizza.
13. That's why I'm fat!
14. I love the color purple.
15. I recently weened myself off of an anti-depressant (Cymbalta) simply because it was too much of a pain in the arse for me to get to the doctor for refills and check ups all the time.
16. My kids are less than a year apart, thanks to birth control.
17. If I didn't have a tubal ligation I would consider being a surrogate mother to help others because I love being pregnant!
18. I've had one best friend since I was 12 years old...that's 18 years of best-friendship-ness! (love ya Michelle)
19. I wish I had time to write in here every day.
20. I was a good girl in school..always the shy and quiet one, never even had a detention!
21. I love myspace and am always updating my page!
22. I just found my very first best friend on myspace, after not seeing her for about 14 years? (we were best friends when we were like 4).
23. I once watched my long time pet be put to sleep. He was 13 years old and I had him since I was 8. (R.I.P. Wags)
24. I used to write a lot of poetry and am thinking about posting some of it here one day.
25. That pic is of my two boys!
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