Friday, January 18, 2008

Spear Them! Spear Them!

I've tried to stay away from commenting on celebrities too much but there is something that has been on my mind for awhile and I really want to post it! The whole Spears sisters thingy.

Ok, let's start with big sis Britney first. The girl obviously has some mental problems but part of me wonders if some of it is just a put on for the paparazzi because obviously her music career has finally (and thankfully) come to a crashing end. She can't act to save anybody! What is she here for? Who knows? But she sure knows how to keep herself in the spotlight. Just lastnight I saw footage of her and her body guard/boyfriend looking at pregnancy tests. So either, A. it was just a put on or B. she is really THAT stupid to even think about getting pregnant again. This is a case where the courts really should force someone to be on birth control! Britney should not have any more children, EVER! I just read an article on her quoting her to say that she would die for her children. If that was true then she would be doing everything in her power to get custody or even visitations of her children back! Instead, she is out there partying every night and going shopping at 3 am. She puts on a show for the paparazzi with her "multiple personalities". She is just absolutely pathetic! I never thought she was a good singer in the first place so I'm quite happy to see her career crumble. I feel really sorry for her boys. They are both beautiful children. It's pretty sad when K-Fed is said to be a better parent than her! What are these kids going to think when they grow up? "my mom was a slut and a druggie that showed her crotch to the entire world..I'm so proud of her!". Give me a break. Honestly, I think that girl is going to be dead sooner or later (probably sooner than later).

Now onto little sis Jamie Lynn. The world is screaming with, "oh poor Jamie Lynn".."she is shocked!"..blah, blah, blah. Give me another big f'n break. First of all, she can't be too shocked. If she knew she was having unprotected sex than she must be really freakin' ignorant to be "shocked" at her pregnancy. The tabloids read that she is so shocked and scared! UGH! Come on. The girl is loaded. She wont have any responsibilities. She is able to hire a nanny to take care of the baby and she can afford a maid to clean up after the baby! BOO F'N HOO! Maybe she should have kept her legs closed and then she wouldn't be in this situation. I guess that must run in the Spears family..not being able to keep your legs closed! How about paying more attention to REAL people? REAL teenagers who are truly having a hard time. There are millions of teenage mothers out there. Most of them are poor and struggling just to buy diapers for their babies. But ohhh no, let's boo hoo about poor little Jamie Lynn getting knocked up!

I am so sick of hearing about these two little twits! They got themselves into these situations but yet they are still earning millions and millions of money because of it! How is that right?? How about paying millions of dollars to real life people that struggle day to day not stupid little spoiled brats like these two!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

My 2008 Resolutions

Ok, so we are almost two weeks into the new year. I've learned so much in 2007 and changed so many things about myself. I want to continue all of my work in 2008! Here are a few things that I am resolving to do this year.

Continuing to eat healthier and be more active. Whether I lose weight or not, I just want to be healthier and these two things will help regardless of the number on the scales!

Continuing to work on myself. To work on changing the things that I don't like about myself and learning to love the things that I can't change about myself.

Learning to control my stress level. I know a lot of things that happen in life are out of our control but I need to learn to deal with them better. I have taken after my mother and stress out too much when something doesn't go right or the way it's planned. I've realized that no matter what comes our way we always get through it somehow and stressing over something isn't going to fix it or change anything and it's not healthy for me!!

Cherishing my family more. I do cherish my family, but I think sometimes I take them for granted. I always used to complain about this and that but when I sit down and think about things, I am really very lucky! I have a hot husband who loves me for me. He thinks that I am the most beautiful woman in the world and he will do whatever it takes to make me happy and to smile. I have three beautiful kids that are very well behaved (atleast in public, lol..not so much at home!). I need to show them how much I love them every single day!

Learning to be happy! I have spent the majority of my life hating myself, hating my life, hating everything and everyone around me. I am tired of living that way. I am tired of being an angry, hateful depressed person! Even though we don't have a lot of material things I have a great family that loves me and a lot of people would be jealous of that! I want to live my life with a smile on my face not wanting to choke everyone! heh heh

Possibly going back to school? Not sure for what yet, most likely something in the medical field or animal field. Just depends on what happens this year. My husband starts taking classes at the end of this's only a 3 month course and we will see what happens after that.

Spending more time blogging! I envy bloggers that can post every day! I just don't have the time to spare for that but I wish I did! I want to start giving THIS blog a more personal feel! I will still post my rants whenever I feel like it but will also post more about my personal life. Maybe even put up some pics and videos of things that go on in my life! I like reading peoples' personal blogs, I think it's interesting..or else I'm just nosey!

Comment me and tell me what some of your resolutions are!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A new year has arrived!

When a new year arrives I am always dreaming about what kind of things the upcoming year has to hold for me! Lastnight I was thinking of the year 2007 and what it held for me! When I sat down and thought about it, a whole lot has happened in 2007!

Let's see....

My husband and I separated in 2006. Last year on New Year's Eve (well, actually a few minutes after midnight) my husband showed up at my house. He drove an hour (sober) to try and "prove" to me that he was ready to work on things between us. I spent many months waiting for that moment to come!

On January 1st, 2007 I started on a weight loss journey. Although I don't have a lot lost to show for it, I still learned a lot! I did lose 25 lbs and am not ready to give up on it just yet! I did learn a lot about myself during that journey and although I got off of the track for awhile, I am jumping right back on!

I jumped head first into the world of blogging! I started this blog along with my other 2 blogs! One is about working from home and the other is about my weight loss journey.

At the end of April 2007 my kids and I moved here with my husband. It was one of the happiest days of my life being back with my soul mate and best friend again. I never, ever want to be separated from him again! It was also a little bittersweet because I am now so far away from my mother. Ok, it's only an hour but my mother and I have always been very close and have never been this far apart. I know it was very hard for her, too

In May 2007 my husband and I took a trip to New York City! I have so many memories from that trip. Even though it was a short stay it will always stay in my mind! I got to see a couple of my long time friends whom I hadn't seen in years and spend some great bonding time there with my husband. We saw so many beautiful and amazing things there.

In September 2007 my first born started preschool. It was a big day in his life and I can't believe how much he has changed since starting school! He's not my baby any more!

My twins turned 3 years old. They have changed so much, too. They talk so much more now. I love watching my kids grow! They are going to start preschool sometime this month, too!

My Grandmother was diagnosed with cancer this year. Even though she puts on a good face we know that she is not doing well. She has cancer spots all over her legs and can't hardly move around on her own anymore. The entire family spent Christmas with her all together this year as most of us feel pretty secure in saying that this will most likely be her last Christmas with us.

I really made an effort to find my father. I saw his name and address printed in my hometown newspaper. Atleast, I think it was him. It took me awhile to get up the guts and the right words to send him a letter. I made it short and simple. I told him who I was, who my mother was and that I believed he was my father. I told him that if he had any interest in knowing me to write me back. I also asked that if it wasn't the right person that he atleast be nice enough to let me know so I wont be left wondering. Well, I've been left wondering. That was a few months ago and I have yet to hear anything.

I had the best Christmas ever this year thanks to my wonderful husband. We have been through a lot together this year. We have learned a lot about ourselves and each other. We have learned how to deal with each other in a better way to stop us from having so many petty arguments. I have learned to let go of things instead of pondering on them to the point of making myself sick. I have learned to forgive and to learn from the whole experience. My husband has spent the year trying to show me how much he really does love me and how sorry he is for leaving. We have both learned to just look forward to the future and try not to remember the bad things from the past.

I also made a few friends throughout the year, too.

I've gotten a couple of new tattoos this year, lol!

..and there is my recap of the year 2007. I'm sure I have probably left a few things out, but I've remembered the important things!

My next post will be what I am looking forward to in 2008 and what I hope to accomplish along the way!
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