Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall.. Who's The Biggest Bully of All??

Yes, I am one of those anti-government people. Imagine that, eh?? First of all, I do realize that the citizens of America are lucky compared to third world countries, but I do believe that the United States of America is a big bully. The government is the government; they can do whatever they want and we can do absolutely nothing about it. 

The country has been in an "economic crisis" for some time now. How does the government deal with it? By raising prices on EVERYTHING. All of the things that we Americans have to have, like car titles, licenses, things like that. The things that we can not go without. How about we raise the price double or even triple of what it was a year or two ago? Maybe this is just Ohio? But it really pisses me off that the state government gets away with this shit. You know that hundreds of people are out of a job and a lot of people are running out of unemployment, so does raising the price on necessities, stealing more money out of our already empty pockets to make your pockets fatter do any good?? The government is nothing but a bunch of bullies! They bend people over and screw them right up the ass with no lube or even a please or thank you?! We can't fight them. We have to do what they say. Our country is mr. tough ass country who thinks they can bully everyone around and bully other countries around. Let's just go in here and take over and kill a bunch of innocent people, mmkay?... and the President? Oh God, don't even get me started on THAT! The healthcare system that is going to be a complete disaster? Forcing people to get health insurance? Doesn't the government force people to do enough? How long before they try to control how we think?? 

I also hate the judicial system in this country. There is no, "innocent until proven guilty". It all depends on who you know, who you screw, and how much money you have. A person who has a lot of money can pretty much get out of anything. People are given longer prison sentences for drug charges than rapists and pedophiles. If you are just an average Joe Blow who doesn't have the money to spend on an expensive lawyer, you are just screwed; innocent or not. 

The government is full of a bunch of crooked ass rich people who enjoy lining their pockets with the poor man's last few dollars. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer is so true because the rich man is always stealing from the poor man, and when it comes from THE man, we just have to bend over and say, "here ya go". 

Monday, July 19, 2010

My First Award!

Rants In My Pants got our first award! ....
Voila! Ok, so it kiiinda looks outta place on this blog, but I'm gonna keep it! Special thanks to everyday mommy for honoring me with it!
Now, in order to keep the award, I have to tell my readers 8 random things about myself and honor some of my other fave blogs with the award, so, here goes:

  1. I love Pit Bulls.
  2. I write for a living.
  3. I'm finishing up my first year in college next month.
  4. I got my first tattoo 14 years ago and I have 7 all together.
  5. I'm an only child.
  6. I was on the Jenny Jones talk show in 2003.
  7. I just got an HTC Android 2.1 phone and loooove it.
  8. I am afraid of horses.
If you are curious about any of these things, leave me a comment and I will go into more detail.

I am presenting this award to the following blogs:

Now, just so you know, I picked these blogs because they were kind enough to leave me some comment love on this here blog! I love comments and don't get very many of them on this blog so I want to show them my appreciation (wow, that sounded kinda sad, lol). 

More rants coming soon.... so beware.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Women Annoy Me!

Before you get your granny panties in a bunch, let me say that most women annoy me, not all, only most. Why? Because most women are catty, attention starved twats that need bitch smacked a few times.

What mostly inspired this post was my experience on a social networking website called myyearbook.com. It's really not much different than myspace. You make your cute little page, add photos...etc.. Every time you add a photo it shows up in everyone elses chatter feed. This is where the dumbness starts. These women (are they even considered women??) post pictures of themselves in just their underwear and a bra, or the entire pic will be just a super closeup of their cleavage. Of course, this attracts men and men begin leaving perverse comments *gasp*. Oh no! The woman gets so offended, and "oh my gawd, do men not have any respect for women anymore??". Like, seriously? Any woman who puts a close up of her tits on a place like myyearbook is just BEGGING for attention and these kinds of comments. I mean, are they really that starved for attention that they have to show their boob crack to the entire world? I don't blame the men for leaving comments like that, they are only doing what is natural. If you are going to show your body off like that, don't act offended when you get comments like that! Derrrr, it's not rocket science.

Then it got me thinking about other females. I do have a few female friends, but honestly, most other females annoy me. They are either so completely dramatic (refer to my previous post on drama queens) and have to make themselves the center of attention, or they are just down right bitchy and a know-it-all. I'm sure you all know the know-it-all type. The one who thinks she knows everything and if you don't do everything the way that she does it then she thinks you are an imbecile and will try to make you feel that way.

I also don't like prissy girls who are afraid to touch or do anything because they might mess up their hair or nails. Get a grip, chicks! I see no point in getting a pedicure or a manicure. I think it's a waste of money. Or what about fake tanning? Hey yeah, let's sit in a fake oven and cook our skin so that in 20 years our skin will be disgusting looking and we may be dying of skin cancer! It's all fake, fake, fake! Why be fake? Be yourself!

I hate bitchy women, too. The kind that have no sense of humor and even when you try to joke with them they give you the evil eye *scowl*. Did someone poo in your cheerios this morning, sweetie? Lighten up and enjoy life. Stop being rude to everyone and maybe people will actually want to be your friend.

Last, but not least, the women who should have never, ever become a mother. The ones who only care about going out and partying while leaving their baby with someone else every other night. The ones who pop out 345682356 kids because they have no clue what birth control is but yet they want to cry when they become pregnant for the 20th time. The moms that never grow up and end up raising bullies that think it's ok to be mean to others and call people names because they see their mom do it. Women that keep their kids away from their dad just to "get back" at him.

Wow, this post got long winded, but yeah, most women annoy me. I would say, 97%?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Twilight.. Eclipse... BAHHHHH!!!!!!!!

I am already sick and tired of hearing about the damned Eclipse moving being out. Everyone on facebook is like, "oh my gawd, i went and watched it at midnight and it was soo kewl!". Seriously? WTF is the big deal about this damned movie? My husband and I rented the first one, just to see what all of the talk was about it. We watched it, and then sat there like, "that's it?".

Then the second one came out. By then, I was in college, and of course the Twilight shirts were everywhere, people were leaving school early to go see it at the theatre or just to stand in line to get the DVD of the first one. "Oh my gawd, I can't wait! you, too? oh my gaawwdddddd so coool!". Blech, you people make me want to slam my head into a wall and I think I would enjoy it more than this stupid ass movie!

You see, I liked vampires when vampires were actually scary. When dreaming about a vampire was more of a nightmare not a lustful wet dream. When vampires were dark and evil and something that lurked in the night, not showing their face in the sunlight... Then goths came about. You remember that, the kids dressed in all black, white face make up, black lipstick, fingernails, hair...etc.. Trying to out evil the goth next to them. I never had a problem with goths. I thought it took a lot of guts for them to stand out like that and not conform to the trends of their day. These kids were made fun of, called freaks and satan worshippers.

Now look. Vampires some how emerged into these prissy, preppy, girly make up wearing boys for all of the teenage trendwhores to drool over. There are more and more new vampire movies and tv shows coming around, like all of the sudden, vampires are trendy and pretty. How the Hell did that happen?? You people ruin it for everyone!

The sad thing is, these producers and writers are making millions off of all of you sheep, flocking together to oogle over these pretty boys. The story line sucks and you suck for making it so popular!
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