Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Do you like scary movies?

I was watching horror movie, can't think of what it was at the moment, but it made me stop and ask myself, why are horror movies soo predictable? I am an avid horror movie fan so don't get me wrong, I do love them but it's always the same thing happening in them! I'm sure you know what I'm meaning...

First of all, the victim is always running as fast as he can while the stalker is just taking his time walking but some how he ALWAYS seems to catch up with the victim! I guess he has a chance to catch up with the victim because undoubtedly while the victim is running and running he trips and falls. He then sits there for a minute grabbing his ankle and tries to "run" while dragging his leg behind him however by then, it's too late, the killer has found him!

If the victim is lucky he finds his way back to his car or someone else's car (who has somehow left the keys in the car). Yes! Safety!! All is well, right?? Doh! Until he goes to start the car and it wont turn over. Imagine that! It worked just fine when he was driving it earlier that day, now all of the sudden it wont start?? Giving the killer more time to catch up with him.

When you think about it, the killers really do get off easy. They can just take their time wandering through the woods because somehow the victim always seems to screw up and gives the killer time to catch him anyway! *teh*

A lot of horror movies are mundane and lack the ability to keep me on the edge of my seat! I like a horror movie that keeps my eyes glued to the screen! Something that has me wondering what's going to happen next. Oh and let's not forget, you always have to have the scantily clad girl running with her boobs flopping all over, too.

I really don't like many of the newer horror movies out these days. I'm just not interested in watching some trashy looking teenage girl running and screaming. Give me something interesting, something to keep my attention!!

Here is one of my favorite "newer" movies!

What are some of your favorites??

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Do you stereotype people who smoke Marijuana?

Learn the facts and open your mind. It's not just the skater punk down the street who smokes pot. More people use Marijuana than you can imagine. If it is such a horrible drug do you think these people could function properly??

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