Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'm Happy In My Skin!

Something has been bothering me for awhile now and I haven’t been sure whether I should write about it or not, but I’m gonna! I’m tired of not being able to be proud of my skin color!! There is such a double standard when it comes to race, and I do believe that racism can be against any skin color. Why is it perfectly ok for someone to say “black pride”, but if I were to say “white pride” I would be labeled a nazi or racist? Why is it ok for there to be a black entertainment channel, but no white entertainment? *gasp* oh no, they couldn’t do that, THAT would be racist!!

Why is it perfectly acceptable to have a movie out called, “For Colored Girls” or a TV show called, “Black Girls Rock”. Could you imagine the hysteria if a tv show came out called, ‘White Girls Rule!” OMG it would be fucking racist!!

Why can’t I be proud of my white skin?? I like my pretty white skin quite well, really, but why should I have to be afraid to say that I like being white because a lot of people would take it as me being racist? What kind of bullshit is that?

I’m tired of people using the race card for everything. If someone doesn’t get their way, usually the first words out of their mouth is, “it’s because I’m black”. Hm, no, it’s because you weren’t qualified or because someone did a better job than you!

A friend of mine tried to put her daughter in a better, smaller school but she was turned down because she was white, and they needed more non-white kids in their school. What? Really? Being turned down because her skin is too white? If a kid was turned down because he was brown or black, it would be on the national news! OMG Racism!

I’m saying it loud and proud, I am proud to be white!! This does not mean that I am racist or that I don’t like people of other skin color; I’m just happy with my own skin color! Get over it!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Fawk Your Friday!

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I saw this last week and knew I had to get in on this and maybe make it a regular thing??

My fawk yous of the week...

Fawk You Dr. Beetlejuice (that's not his real name, it just sounds like that) for taking two months to turn in the paperwork to worker's comp. that my husband has been waiting for. How about YOU go 2 fuckin months with NO paycheck or any money coming in!? and while I'm here, fawk your bitchy ass receptionists and nurses that act like snobby little twats whenever they answer the phone. You just lost all of our family's business for being an incompetent fuckwad.

Fawk You Algebra!! This is my first week of College Algebra and I think I'm going to lose my mind! My professor goes so fast you can't stay with her or even understand what she's doing. If you ask a question, she gets snappy and says she doesn't have time to go over it again, even though she takes a 30 minute break when she tells us the break is only 10 minutes. The whole freakin class is back waiting on your snappy ass. Fawk you for not letting us use our notes and expecting us to know 4 chapters of formulas, steps, and rules by heart after 2 days for a quiz.

Fawk You Algebra Quiz! For making me fail you!

Fawk You Hormones!! Just because Aunt Flow is on her way, does not mean that you flippin hormones can overtake my brain and make me cry at every little stupid ass thing! STOP IT!!!!

...WOW, that felt good! I need to do this more often!!!
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