Thursday, December 31, 2009

What makes YOU so special??

I'm always thinking about random crap in my head; it's sometimes as if my mind just doesn't turn off. The other night I was thinking about my husband and I and our three kids. I'm sure that people have their own stereotypical ideas of what sort of people we are based on our tattoos, or our religion (or lack of), or because of the clothes we wear, or the music we listen to. People love to judge others and I'm sure a lot of people just assume that because of these things, we are probably bad parents or unfriendly people. I just want some of you who DO judge others based on their appearance or how they live their life just because it may be different than yours, to think about something.

How many of you teach your children manners, saying please and thank you, or excuse me? We do.
How many of you teach your children to be respectful and kind to others and NOT to make fun of others who may be different than you are? We do.
How many of you have received compliments from strangers telling you how well behaved your children are? We have!
How many of you dig out your last few dollar bills to drop in the Salvation Army kettle? We do, while those who have hundreds of spare dollars in their purse can't even be bothered to acknowledge that the kettle is there?
How many of you stop when you see someone on the side of the road to ask if they need help or to help them dig out of the snow they are stuck in, in the freezing cold? We do.
How many of you take time out of your day to go shovel the elderly neighbors' sidewalks even though you may have a million other things to do that day? We do.
How many of you take time to reach something in the store for someone who isn't as tall as you are? We do.
How many of you move out of the way to let others through or take time to say, "excuse me" and "I'm Sorry" if you accidently bump into someone? We do.

These are just a few things for some of you to think about. Before you judge someone that you don't know, why don't you take a good look in the mirror and ask what makes YOU so superior? Can you say that you help others? Can you say that you are a kind person?.. and honestly mean it?
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