Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bad kids or bad parents??

My oldest child is 5 years old, will turn 6 in early October. My husband and I do our best to teach our kids manners, to be respectful of us and others and to be nice to everyone. I have to say, I am really shocked when I see how some parents let their kids act!

There have been a few instances that have just happened in the last month that just make me shake my head and wonder what the Hell these parents are thinking??

The first one was last month when we took our children to the Neil Armstrong Space Museum. We were having a great time there until we were in the little theatre watching the 25 minute movie. This whole herd of children and two women came in and ofcourse, sat right behind us! The kids were being loud and disrespectful to everyone in the theatre. Talking in normal voices, kicking chairs.. etc. What did the women do? Not a freakin' thing! Just let them act how they were acting. We were glad when the movie was over and we could get away from these brats, or so we thought! At the end of the tour there is a little area for kids to play with different simulators and other fun things. These other kids were running around like monkeys that just broke out of the zoo!! Running and screaming every where. Pushing in front of other kids and adults! Our kids could not even enjoy the fun because of these little brats. Again, what were the mothers doing?? Just chit chatting with each other letting their kids run wild annoying every one else there! What were my kids doing?? Playing quietly however they kept stopping to watch these kids running all over the freakin' place! I made sure to say QUITE loudly to my children, "thank you for being good and not acting like these little brats". Both women looked at me but neither one had anything to say! We got out of there, hoping to escape again in the gift shop when guess who shows up? Yep, those brats again; running around the entire gift shop, pushing in front of other people, being loud and obnoxious. One kid was messing with the tv on the wall and the mother didn't even pay any attention until my husband said, "look at the kid messing with the TV and the parent's not even paying attention". She obviously heard my husband as she then looked up and tells the kid to get away from the TV. Ugh!

The second incident was a week or two later. My mother wanted to take the kids to get ice cream. We went to this little ice cream shop that has picnic tables outside. As soon as we sit down, this whole army of middle school age soft ball players comes in. Oh My God. They were sooo freakin loud we couldn't even hear each other talk! They were yelling and screaming and cussing.. not giving a crap about the other guests there who were trying to enjoy their evening and ice cream! What were the parents and coaches doing?? Not a damned thing.. just chit chatting with each other ignoring what all the kids were doing!

These are not the only times I've seen behavior like this. I can't count the times I have been in public and witnessed young children running around like animals while their parents do absolutely nothing about it! I'm sure once these kids get older these parents are going to wonder why their kid wont listen to them and is out of control! Well, duh!! If they act like this as children how do you think they are going to act as teenagers??

My husband is covered with tattoos and I have quite a few myself. I listen to metal music and have piercings, some times I dye my hair funky colors. I'm sure some people look at us and think that we are freaks or losers or whatever stereotype they may have in their mind about us. Not to toot my own horn but I think we are doing a damned good job raising our kids so far! Yes, ofcourse like any child, they do get crazy some times and do have their "bad" days but their bad days are far better than some other kids' good days! My kids are polite and respectful when out in public. They don't make fun of people or talk nasty to others. We have had strangers come up to us and tell us how well behaved our children are! I know some times I think MY kids are out of control and driving me crazy however after seeing the way other people's kids act, I am very proud of how my kids are. Hell, they are angels compared to some of these brats!

I really don't know what these parents are thinking when they let their kids act this way. Can't really blame the kids for it if they know they can get away with it! It's the parent's responsibility to teach their children right from wrong. My oldest will start kindergarten next month and I'm scared to death! I'm worried that he is going to pick up some of these bad habits and think that he can act that way at home. However, if he THINKS he can act that way at home he will quickly remember that mommy and daddy do not allow our kids to disrespect US or anyone else.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Yes to dress codes in school? or No?

A lot of schools seem to be implementing a dress code or school "uniform" policy. The high school I went to just implemented a dress code for this coming school year. Some of the rules include they can only wear khaki pants, no jeans, sweat pants or corduroy or cargo pants. Your shirts have to be polo type shirts with a collar and can only be white, black or the high school mascot shade of red! Shorts or skirts have to be knee length, pants have to be up around the waist with a belt unless there are no belt loops. Feet must be covered, no kind of sandals or dress shoes showing toes.

I read the article in the paper yesterday and it made me think about my high school days. When I was in high school (which was too many years ago to mention), I wore band t-shirts, jeans and combat boots most of the time. I was proud to be different, I guess it was part of my individuality!

I'm asking myself whether or not I think the dress code is a good idea. Things are different now than they were when I was in school. Thirteen year old girls dress like street whores. Gangsta's wear their pants below their butts so that everyone can see their nasty underwear (do they not realize how gross that is?? eww). There's also the "preppy" crowd, or whatever they are called these days, who just simply HAVE to wear name brand clothing and will make fun of those who can't afford the name brands.

I, myself, couldn't give a rat's ass about name brands. If I like it, I like it, doesn't matter if it's walmart brand or Gucci and I can certainly find better things to spend hundreds of dollars on besides a label name!

They say that other schools who use the same dress code have reported that their students are better behaved in classrooms. How true is it, though? Is it really because of a dress code? I mean, this is a public high school not a Catholic school!

How do we teach kids that it's ok to be yourself and to be different but yet everyone is expected to look the same? What about low income kids who can't afford to buy these types of clothing? Families that depended on hand me downs or getting clothing when on clearance? How are they supposed to afford it especially if they have more than one child? Helll, in about 10 years I will have THREE high school kids to buy for!

Will it cut down on the bullying?? Hmm, maybe but kids can always find SOMETHING to tease someone about.

My old school said that if it has good results this first year then they will implement it into the other schools, so I may end up dealing with this while my kids are in elementary. I'm still on the fence as to how I feel about it. Guess it would be nice to hear from someone who has kids that go to a school with this sort of dress code? What's everyone's opinion??
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