Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Part of the Community

Thanks for the post from Stan Atkins

I completely love living in San Francisco. I’m originally from the Alabama, which is very conservative, so San Francisco has been a great change of pace for me. Living in the South I always felt out of place because of my liberal political and social views. My friends and family were constantly criticizing me and trying to get me to change. I know they meant well, but I just always felt different and like an outsider. As I got older, this behavior just got more annoying, and I didn’t want to hear it anymore. I decided I had to make a move when I was 25, and it was definitely the right choice. When I got to San Francisco it was like an awakening for me. There are actually other people who think like me! Everyone from San Francisco wireless internet providers to the owner of the corner store is concerned with the same things I am. People here want to be environmentally friendly and socially conscious. I’m so glad I finally made the move and feel like a part of the community I live in.

Monday, November 28, 2011

For Sale: A Big Cup of STFU!

I know that retailers have been just waiting for this time of year to get here. Before Thanksgiving was even here, they had plans for all the sales getting them ready to suck up everyone's money. Everywhere I look it is sales: TV, newspaper, internet. I can't get away from it. I did do a little bit of shopping on Friday but that was it. I don't have a lot of money to buy 3453451245 gifts for every single person I have ever said "hello" to. I'm sick and tired of getting it thrown in my face every day that I'm a poor fuck who can't even afford your stupid sales. I'm not even in the mood for Christmas this year. Usually I love this time of year, but even with the decorations up, I'm just not into it. I don't care how cheap I can get gifts at 4 am or about Cyber Monday. I have other shit to worry about, like trying to find a job and trying to figure out how the crap we are going to pay our bills. Ohh and stop bragging about how many gifts you bought in one day or how much money you have spent on one freaking child. Good for you!! I don't wanna hear about it, though. There are more important things going on in other people's lives than what you bought your kid or what sales you took advantage of. Why don't you take some time to drop a few dollars into the red bucket and thank the bell ringer for taking their free time and spending it trying to collect money for the poor, instead of talking crap about how annoying their bell is. I happen to enjoy the sound of their bell, it gives me a good feeling. Maybe some of you should start thinking about other people for once. It seems the whole word is filled with selfish bastards who don't give a rat's ass about anyone else in the world. Those same people probably don't even know what it's like to struggle. I mean, really struggle, not struggling to figure out which heels to wear to the work Christmas party. I mean, struggle to survive, struggle to buy your kids shoes, struggle to pay your necessity bills, struggle to live day to day. Now shut the fuck up.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Fat Pockets for Fat Heads

Times are really hard right now. A lot of people are out of work. Jobs are cutting the amount of employees they need, or sending the jobs to foreigners (which pisses me off more than anything), or closing down because of slow business, putting more and more people in the unemployment line. I get so pissed off when I go to the grocery store. Why is it that the prices keep going up, up, up, and the quantity goes down, down, down? Do they think people are too stupid to notice that the amount of food they get in a package is going down while the price is going up? In these hard economic times, the big companies still like to bend us over and give it to us hard, making their pockets fatter while making ours smaller. What is a family supposed to do? Is mom supposed to go stand on the corner just for grocery money now?? I mean, seriously, how is this even RIGHT?

I was watching something on TV today, wasn't really paying attention to it until I heard them talking about the price increase. They were talking about Thanksgiving dinners and how the prices have gone up since last Thanksgiving. The cost of Turkey, fruits, and vegetables has gone up 7% since last year, while the cost of white potatoes has gone up something like 23 f'n percent! This shit is just ridiculous! People NEED to eat!! It's not an option. I'm so tired of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.

It's obvious the government doesn't care about us "little people" and neither do the big companies out there. We are just invisible little pee-ons that don't mean shit in their eyes. Welcome to corporate America. Bite my fat ass.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sirius is Serious!!!

Whatever you do, stay far, FAR away from Sirius satellite radio. Let me tell you why....

Late last year, my mom bought a new car which came with so many months of free Sirius service. She liked it at first, so she renewed her membership for another 6 months. During that six months, she grew tired of the same songs just being played over and over so she decided she wasn't going to renew it any more.

When her time with Sirius was up, she called them to cancel it before they took money off of her credit card. She talked to one guy and explained that she wanted it shut off. The guy replies with, "oh, I can't turn it off for you, I'll have to transfer you to someone who can". So he transferred her to someone else. She had to give all of her personal information to the new person, just to find out that he couldn't terminate her account either. She ended up talking to like 5 different people, each time, having to give her information over and over and over again. Finally, she talked to someone that said they would terminate the service.

A few days later, it is still on. She calls back again, going through the whole thing again. Finally, it is disconnected. Of course, she was already pissed off at them, but it just got worse. A few days later, Sirius started calling her, asking her if she wanted to renew her contract! Are you f'n serious, Sirius?? She explained to them that she cancelled it because she didn't want it. They called again, and again, and again!! She asked to talk to a supervisor who said they put do not call on her account. Everything was quiet for a few days, but then guess what? They called again! Asking her to renew her account!

My mom works in phone sales. She knows how it all works, and she knows that these people are just normal people working for Sirius to make a pay check, so she was not rude to them, but did explain to them how angry she was with them and their customer service! One guy even said, "oh, I see it says do not call on your account". Well, duh. Finally, after 2405812745 calls, they got the hint that she didn't want their service!!

Lesson Learned: Stay far, FAR away from Sirius. They obviously don't know what the Hell they are doing or how to run a business.
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