Monday, February 26, 2007

Why are men such babies??

Women, I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about! Men are sometimes almost impossible to be around when they are sick!

For most of us women, when we are sick we just suck it up and do what needs to be done: the cleaning, taking care of the kids and other household chores and/or work. However, when a man is sick he tends to think or atleast act as if he is dying! He will just lie around the house whining and moaning every 5 minutes about how horrible he feels expecting us to cater to his every need and baby him as if he were a child! Who babies us women when we are sick? No one! We still have to get everything done!

Why is it that men think that when they are sick with a common cold or flu that it's the end of the world? I once had a customer through my work at home job complain and whine about being sick and had the nerve to make the comment, "you women have pregnancy and child birth while we have the 'man flu'." I couldn't help but laugh while he went on to explain that it's a "proven fact" that when men get sick it is a lot worse than when women get sick! I then replied with, "no, it's just that men tend to complain more than women do!". That didn't make him too happy and we quickly changed the subject!

The reason I decided to write this rant is because I spent this past weekend with my husband (as I stated before we are separated but trying to work things out). He had been sick all week and was still sick this weekend and I spent all weekend listening to him moan and whine! It ruined my weekend and I absolutely dread it when he starts getting sick because I know what I'm going to have to put up with! Maybe I'm sounding a bit harsh or uncaring but my children don't whine as much when they are sick as he does! I think sometimes he does it just for my attention because when it comes to working to make money he will actually suck it up and go out and do what he has to do, but when he comes home it's a whole different story! Men are funny that way. They always want to act so tough and hardcore until they get a wittle cold!

Friday, February 23, 2007

How to deal with a drama queen?

Drama queens are hard enough to deal with in the adult world but what do you do when it comes to a 2 year old drama queen?

I always said that I wanted to have atleast 1 boy and 1 girl. When I was pregnant with my oldest son I was secretely hoping that my first would be a girl, but I still love that little boy with all of my heart regardless! Then when I found out I was pregnant with twins I was thinking how cute twin girls would be but even though they turned out to be boy/girl twins I was sooo happy that I would atleast have my little girl.

What did I get myself into??

Since she was an infant she has been a constant drama queen. Even as a baby she would cry all the time and no matter what we did she just wasn't happy! She wasn't hungry, didn't need her diaper changed, didn't even care if she was held or not, she just wanted to cry (it wasn't colic)!

Now, she is almost 2 1/2 years old and is an over the top drama queen already! She just whines and cries all the time and most of the time there isn't even a good reason for it! Yes, she has 2 older brothers that do get a bit rough with her sometimes and I can understand her not liking that, but sometimes she just goes too far. Some days she will just be by herself and start whining and it's the fake cry with no tears, just whining and fake crying. If one of the boys just bumps her accidently she will scream and cry as if she just broke a limb! The other day she was sitting on the couch and my oldest just started walking towards her and she started crying. She can stop her crying on the drop of a dime so I know it's all fake!

Here's a funny example of how much of a drama queen she is. All 3 of them were fighting over a toy one day. The boys took off running and Rayne was screaming and yelling bloody murder and she was holding her arm. She wouldn't attempt to move or bend it and we were worried that she might have really been hurt. We rushed her to the E.R. where they did x-rays and found NOTHING wrong. She still refused to try and bend it so they put her arm in a sling but said they didn't see anything wrong with it. I swear to you, as soon as we got back in the car she was fine! She stopped crying and was moving her arm all around! I was sooo mad!

I even spoke to her pediatrician about her crying incase she had some sort of emotional problem and he asked a lot of extensive questions and couldn't come up with anything except that she's a girl, she's the youngest and she's the smallest. SHE WANTS TO BE HEARD! A minute later while he was examining her simply just feeling around in her belly she began to scream and cry with which he responded, "That's the fakest cry I've heard all day!"

Almost everyone I know has boys but after watching a few Supernanny and Nanny 911 shows I've noticed that a lot of other little girls show the same sort of personality trait and I'm thinking it's truly a girl thing. I was a single child, so I didn't have to fight for attention and never had other siblings to argue with. As harsh as this may sound, some days it's hard for me to even want to be around my daughter because it's just screaming and whining every 2 minutes, literally! If the drama is this bad at 2 1/2 what will it be like when she's 15?? Somebody better get me a straight jacket!

**The pic is of her screaming her head off because she fell in the snow (rolls eyes)**

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hello, Me!

This is my first post in my Rants In My Pants blog and I guess I should explain a bit about who I am and go a little more in depth than what my profile shows.

I'm 29 years old and live in Ohio with my 3 year old son named Irish and my 2 year old twins Devlin and Rayne. I have been married since August 1, 2003 but we have been separated since July of 2006. We have spent the last few months working on ourselves and trying to overcome the things that separated us in the first place. We have both done a lot of soul searching and are now trying to fix our broken marriage and become a family again.

Some facts about myself:

*I love the color purple.
*I love metal music.
*I love tattoos and currently have 5 with more planned.
*My husband is covered in tattoos.
*I have my nose and tongue pierced and an "Industrial" ear piercing.
*I have been to so many concerts I can't even guesstimate how many.
*I have a crazy and sometimes even sick sense of humor.
*I met my husband in a yahoo chatroom
*I love to make people laugh.
*I was on birth control when my twins were conceived and they were born 4 days before my sons first birthday.
*I used to be a DJ on a radio show called the "Metal Storm".
*I have a myspace page: here
*I'm very kind and respectful to everyone unless you cross that fine line.
*I love animals.
*I am trying to lose 100 lbs.
*I work from home.
*I have 2 other blogs: Work At Home Strategies & Finding The New Me (weight loss journal, advice and info.)

Some things I hate:

*Talking about politics.
*Arrogant people.
*Nosey people.
*Judgmental people.
*People who make fun of other people just to make themself feel better.
*Long lines in the grocery store.
*(Im sure I can think of a million more, but I'm tired)
*Being tired!

So, what exactly is Rants In My Pants about? Well, everything, pretty much! I'm going to write about whatever I feel like writing about, whether it be my kids, my marriage, what I had for dinner or I might just go on a full out rant on one certain subject that bugs me! A lot of things bug me so I should have plenty to write about! I'm hoping that maybe there will be some other people out there with my same sick sense of humor that are interested in what I have to say here! I will also post various photos whenever I feel like it!

With having 3 toddlers running around and working a couple of work at home jobs, I tend to not have much free time on my hands and now I've just started blogging. I have 2 other blogs on top of this one that I have to try and keep up with so I'm not exactly sure how often I will be able to post in here, but I will try to as much as I can!
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