Friday, January 28, 2011

I Am Not A Mom Blogger..

I may be a mommy and I may be a blogger, but I am not considered to be a “mommy blogger” by most because I don’t write about my kids in 95% of my posts. Why don’t I do this? Well, to be honest, I don’t think everyone else in the world really cares. I’m sooo bored by blogs that are nothing but what little Brooklyn or Aiden did today (I use these two names because 354087345 people name their kids these names... try being unique!)... Do you realize how many people in this world have kids? Do you realize that 12 and 13 year olds are having kids? It’s not some big special thing that you did by getting knocked up (by this, I don’t mean any harm to anyone who has struggled with fertility problems, that is different).  Just because little Aiden went poopy in the potty, does not mean that you have to announce it to the whole world. Guess what? Every other 205871345345 child in the world eventually learns to poop in the potty! It’s not some big huge special feat that your child has mastered. Your story is not special! Anyone who has kids probably has a story just like it.. even the 13 year old mother down the street’s kid probably did it, too. An entire blog dedicated to your pregnancy? Do you realize how many pregnant people there are in the world? What makes yours sooo special?? (ofcourse you think it is special to YOU, but it’s not to anyone else). We all probably have the same type of ultrasound pictures and similiar stories. But do you really need to post about yours every day? Or how much you threw up this morning?

Of course I love my kids, but I am with them all day long. Blogging is something I do for ME! My name is not MOMMY, I have a real name and I am a person outside of just being a mom. My blogs are kind of like my getaway. I don’t need to revolve my writing around my kids because the majority of my day revolves around them. None of you out there know me or my kids, and I’m sure you don’t care about what my son made in 1st grade today, do you?

Bloggers can do what they want with their own blog, I suppose, but I just like a blog that has something original to say.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Fawk You Friday Returns!

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Fawk you snow and cold! I know I live in Ohio and should be used to it, but I’m tired of shivering while waiting at the bus stop for my kids and having freezing toes all day long! You are causing too many problems! Last week I slid over the yellow line because of ice, and would have been a goner if there had been a car coming the other way. One day of class cancelled because of you means a make up day, which also means on the last week of class I have to go 4 days instead of 3!

Fawk you sickness! You have been here since xmas day! Be gone already! I’m tired of coughing and not being able to breathe because of you. Give me my life back!!

Fawk you elementary school! For making me get up so damned early in the morning! It should be illegal!!

Fawk you irresponsible parents! Yeah, I’m talking about you.. the ones that don’t discipline your children, or teach them about what respect is. I’m tired of having to deal with your little hellions. If you didn’t want to BE a parent, you should have kept your legs closed pants on!

Fawk you people who say FML! You are retaahhhhded!!!!!!!!

The End.
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