Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Royal Wedding Schmedding..

I'm sick and tired of turning on the news and the first thing I hear is talk of the upcoming "Royal Wedding", or advertisements for all of the special shows that are coming up regarding the wedding dress, who is making the food for the wedding, or who is going to clean the piss off of the floor in the bathrooms after the wedding. Who fucking cares???

This is the U.S.A., do you think the majority of the people in this country give two shits about two people getting married in another country, just because one of them is a "Prince"? People get married every day, what makes THIS so special?? Spend money and time on events that REALLY matter or that are important to us, not this stupid crap. Do you think we care how much money is being wasted on this wedding? More is being spent on this one event than most Americans make in their whole lifetime. Why DOES America care so much? Or do they really care? With so much other bullshit going on in the world, why is this being held above everything else?

Yes, it's all fine and dandy that they are getting married, but, really, I don't give a flying crap. I don't know them, nor do I care that they are getting hitched. They don't mean a damned thing to me.

A clock? REALLY?? ::Rolls Eyes::

Friday, April 15, 2011

F U!!!!!!

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My favorite day of the week is here again. If I had the time, I would participate in Fawk You Friday every week because I do love it! Here we go....

FAWK YOU Strep Throat! You caught me last week and made me so miserable that I couldn't eat, drink or talk. Then you got the Mr. Rants and even though he didn't actually have a sore throat, he still had strep. which kept him from working on our new house this week. Who gave you permission to take over our lives? Huh??

FAWK YOU dumbass people. I'm talking about the ones in my Medical Administration class. Come on, the teacher goes through everything step by step. She tells you exactly what to click and what to type, so why, oh WHY does half of the class whine, "What??", "Wait, I'm lost", "Mine doesn't have that", "Where are we?", "Where's that at?" every god damn 2 minutes??!! Those of us with at least half of a brain could be finished with class an hour earlier if it wasn't for you idiots making the teacher stop to explain everything again.. and again!! Pay attention!!!

FAWK YOU financial aid lady. Be a bitch to me and threaten not to schedule me for any more classes because I didn't call you while having strep throat to schedule my appointment. Are you that important that I would even think of calling you when I couldn't even TALK?? Go ahead and threaten that if I don't return your calls next time you won't schedule me for classes, I only have 3 more months of school dumbass, I won't ever have to deal with your bitch ass again. You're shit still stinks, honey, I can smell it from here! .. Oh, and you and your little co-worker in the cubicle next to you need to stop talking ghetto. You sound ridiculous and make me want to throw up.

FAWK YOU Gray's Anatomy. Fawk you for your stupid "musical" episode a few weeks ago. I know I'm a little late with this one, but that was the dumbest fucking episode I have ever watched. Don't do it again... EVER!!!!!
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