Monday, July 16, 2007

Movie and TV show reviews!

Have you ever seen a movie preview on TV that looked really good and then when you go see it you end up being completely disappointed and angry that you wasted all of that money? It happens to me all the time and ofcourse the theatre wont give you your money back if the movie sucks!

I came across a website that reviews movies and tv shows! You can choose from movie/DVD reviews and read an honest opinion on the movie before spending time or money to go see it and have it end up being a flop! You can also join in the movie discussions with other people about the specific movie that has been reviewed! You can even WIN DVD's just for giving your opinion on something!

Apart from movies, they also have a very interesting section for TV Show reviews where you can get information on TV shows that are on the tube and also give your opinions and join in the discussions!

So if you like to read up on the newest movies and TV shows while giving your own opinion, too then this is a website to check out!

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