Thursday, July 12, 2007

No Smoking!!

So many cities/states are approving a smoking ban which usually bans smoking in public places such as restaurants and some bars. I for one LOVE the smoking ban for restaurants. Most restaurants usually had just a smoking and non smoking section as if the smoke would just stay in that one little area and wouldn't float through the air to the non smoking section!

I used to smoke. I quit when I became pregnant with my first child and never picked the habit back up. A lot of it was because my husband finds women who smoke disgusting and I felt a huge difference in my breathing once I stopped smoking. When I did smoke I tried to have respect for others that didn't smoke by not lighting up around them. However, a lot of smokers don't have that same respect.

My grandmother is now 94 years old. Before the smokin bans came into affect she was never able to go out and eat in a restaurant because the second hand smoke made it very difficult to breathe. Did smokers care? Not one bit!

It is VERY nice to be able to enjoy a meal with my family without having to inhale nasty disgusting second hand smoke. When my children were infants I tried to stay away from restaurants because I didn't want my children to be forced to inhale second hand smoke, either.

As far as the smoking in bars go, I think that's a bit silly! If you are going out to a bar you should expect to come home smelling like cigarette smoke, it's just a given. A bar scene is meant to be filled with cigarette smoke, that's just part of going there so I don't think that should be taken away from bar dwellers.

My main point is, if you smoke please have respect for other people. Smokers get soo irate when talking about the smoking ban, but come on.. Is it REALLY that hard to eat a meal without lighting up? Is it REALLY that difficult to wait an hour until you leave the restaurant to smoke another one? If it is that big of a deal then I think you have more problems than what you think! I know smokers don't realize the stench that cigarette smoke causes. Like I said, I used to smoke but I never realized how much it literally STINKS. Now even if I'm in a store and a smoker walks by me, the mere smell of that nasty stale cigarette smokes makes me nauseous! Smokers just don't realize how bad they smell because they are so used to it but maybe if they realize how much they really do stink they would give it a second thought before lighting up another one!

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Tyler said...

Hey, just read your post because I was writing one of my own on smoking bans. You make some interesting points. Feel free to check it out at

As a smoker, I don't think it's too hard to stop smoking in restaurants, but why should we have to? If the smoking section isn't properly ventilated, it's the restaurants responsibility to accommodate their non-smoking customers by seating them somewhere more comfortable, or fixing the problem.

If smoke is a serious problem in a particular restaurant, you have the option to take your business elsewhere, just as smokers previously had the option to take theirs to a restaurant that welcomes smokers.

Personally, I find children annoying. They smell, they make noise, and they can be distracting during the meal and conversation. Yet, I tolerate other people's children in restaurants every single day. Why is it parents get a free pass to let their kids raise hell but they can't handle a little cigarette smoke?

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