Monday, January 5, 2009

Tattoo Discrimination

Kind of ironic, after I wrote my last post on being positive for 2009 we find out that my husband got turned down for a manager spot at his job.. because of his tattoos!! The area manager was really pushing to get my husband a manager spot. Was very happy with his work and thought he would make a great manager. The head honcho came down last week to meet with my husband. Told him that he really, really liked his work ethic. He has a very friendly, outgoing personality and has a way of motivating people to follow the rules! Sounded good, right??

The next day he gets told that he was turned down for the position because of his tattoos. Soo, I guess work ethic and responsibility don't mean jack schitt if you have tattoos? I guess my husband busting his ass every day, always being there on time, coming in on his days off to help out when they need it.. all of that didn't mean anything. The ink on his skin is what matters the most!

I can not believe that in the year of 2009 people are still THIS freaking ignorant and judgmental! Don't we teach children NOT to judge others by what they look like?? I know I will always try to instill that into my children. Why is it that adults can't practice what they preach?

Instead of having someone who has a good work ethic and knows how to do his job RIGHT they would rather have some other fucktard run everything the wrong way! Someone that doesn't follow rules, someone who lies their way through everything? Welcome to corporate america! We don't care how good of a worker you are.. it's the outside that counts!

I normally don't curse so much in my posts but this has really pissed me off. My husband has been through a lot with jobs. He has really been trying hard to get somewhere, trying to do what he needs to do to move up the ladder just to get pushed back down because people still stereotype anyone who has tattoos?? Wake up people!! The color of your skin does not define WHO you are! White, black, brown or multiple ink colors! It's all just color! Blah!

OH and while Im here.. Ive made a Squidoo lense for this blog! Check it out here: RANTS SQUIDOO


extremejohn said...

I cant believe they get away with that shit, in some fields of work Tattoo's and their placement can be a problem.

Nothing a little honest phone call to HR couldn't answer.

crazedmama said...

Tattoos shouldnt be a problem no matter WHAT the job!! It's just INK for crying out loud! It's the people that are so judgmental and too closed minded that are bothered by it!! Do tattoos make you lose brain cells? NO!

Freda said...

That is just really wrong! Isn;t there some sort of clause that disallowes them to discriminate based on body art? They have a frickin clause for everything else, age, race, gender, bla bla. So wrong!

crazedmama said...

Nope freda.. nothing you can do about tattoo discrimination! i guess because people choose to get tattoos?? still idiotic, anyway!

Stitchblade said...

.....this is why I became a Tattoo Artist :)

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