Thursday, January 22, 2009

So What Inauguration!

I'm really surprised at how many bloggers can not come up with anything better to write about than the freakin' inauguration the other day! I was doing some blog surfing and blog after blog was about the inauguration. Isn't it bad enough that it was all over the tv.. allll freakin day looong?? From the time I woke up until the 11:00pm news that is all I heard about! The video's of all the people crying, "our first black president".. blah, blah, blah. Hey, he's HALF black, half white! I can call him WHITE, too can't I? I'm not making this a racial thing but it's getting really freakin' annoying!

Come up with something interesting to write about! Something that you can't watch on every TV channel or every website that you go to! Write something unique.. not the same old crap repeated over and over.. and over. Blah. Believe me, as soon as I see Obama's picture on a blog I click right off of it. Enough already people! I do hope that he follows through with all of his promises, but what president has??

1 comment:

afparks said...

I so agree with you, really tired of this Obama craziness. These people are acting like he has done many great things already for this counrty when he just started!

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