Thursday, March 8, 2007

I hate women!

Ok, so I don't hate all of them, I just don't like most of them! I've always gotten along better with males than I have females. Most women tend to be catty and are always trying to grab the spotlight onto them. What am I getting to here? I just have one basic question...why do some women feel the need to go after a man who has either a wife or girlfriend?

I've been married 3 1/2 years now and have had two different women trying to get with my husband, KNOWING that he has a wife at home! Why? I honestly think that some women like the idea that they can "steal" a man away from another woman. It gives them a sense of accomplishment. Maybe it's because their self esteem is really low and they think that stealing someone else's husband makes them special (so special they should ride the short yellow bus!)? Then they always want to use the excuse, "well, you should be able to keep your man satisfied!". So, just because a couple is having some problems that means that you can just pounce on the man and try to take him away? Do you really think that he is going to just fall madly in love with you and leave his wife and kids forever? Give me a break! Maybe you should just try finding your own man instead of trying to steal one away from someone else!

Women need to have some respect for themselves and for other people. Marriage is so sacred in my eyes. Why would any respectful woman want to come in between that? Do they not realize how trashy and low-life that makes them look? Why would you want to try and destroy a family like that? Are you jealous because someone else has happiness and you don't?

Now, I'm not saying that men are innocent. They are far from innocent! However, I think women just like the idea of competition and think the idea of stealing away a man makes them superior. No, it just makes you a homewrecking slut!

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