Friday, April 13, 2012

Parents and Trendy Kid Names

I heard on the news the other day that there is a big trend going on right now with new mothers naming their kids after characters from The Hunger Games and Beyonce's brat Ivy Bleu (blue?). God you people make me sick!!

I'm all for kids having unique names. I mean, come on, when I was in college, I knew like 10 people who all had a kid named Aiden or Ayden or whatever other version they could come up with for the name. Why would you want your kid to have the same name as 10 other kids in his class?? Help them to be unique!

But come on.. naming your kid after a new trendy movie (one which I refuse to watch, along with the whole Twilight series bullshit). And why, for god's sake, WHY would you want to name your kid after Beyonce's little brat? The one who shut down half of a hospital because she thinks her kid is soo much more important than alll of the babies in the NICU?? I seriously hope your kid gets beat up when he's older. Well, it really wouldn't be fair to to the kid but maybe YOU should just have your ass kicked. Why do stupid people think it's ok to raise children? I swear, dumbass people make me roll my eyes on a daily basis. Use that thing in your skull called a brain and start thinking for yourself instead of just going along with everyone else. That's boring.. and so are you.


Ermie said...

Ha ha! I love those trendy kids' names. If ever I had kids, I'd name the first one after my favourite moped (Lambretta) and the second after a condiment (either Paprika or Ketchup). ;-)

Lu said...

If I ever have a daughter (which I doubt since kids aren't in my plans) I will name her Bob. If I have a son, Emily. Because I'm crazy and trendy names suck.

Deanna crazed said...

Paprika! That's great!!

Karen Greenberg said...

I wonder what will happen when the second movie comes out and the people wind up hating the character they named their kid after. ;-)

Deanna crazed said...

haha good point, Karen! I think it's dumb to name a kid after a celebrity any way!

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