Monday, October 10, 2011

Homework: When Is It Too Much??

I now have two first graders and one second grader. I knew that when we moved to a smaller town, that their smaller school would probably a bit tougher, but wow, I am overwhelmed. These kids just turned 7 and 8 years old. They spend 6 1/2 hours in school and then have another hour or so worth of homework at home, each. At this age, they really don't have a great attention span and they can't just do their homework on their own yet; we have to help them with everything and make sure they are doing it all right and doing everything they are supposed to get done. We have to actually sit there the whole time. I think I spend more time helping my young children with their homework, than I did on my own college homework! Our kids come home, play for a little bit, dinner time, then homework. By the time they are done with their homework, it is just about bath and bed time. We can't do anything "extra".. like, say, go for a walk together, or what about extra curricular activities like Cub Scouts or sports?? My second grader was in 1st grade last year at a different school and the only homework he had was some vocabulary, and like 3 worksheets he had to have finished by Friday each week. At this new school, all of them usually have math, reading, spelling, vocabulary, writing, and an extra reading assignment (usually a whole book) for their reading intervention class because they are a little behind, EVERY night. Three of them. I mean, seriously, even with my husband helping, it seems to take all night! The kids are tired and frustrated, and so is mom and dad!

Don't get me wrong, I know all kids have homework. Older kids usually have time to do their homework in class or they have a study hall class that they can at least get most of it done. When does homework become too much, though? Can't they just be kids after school and play, and annoy mommy and daddy like kids are supposed to?? Thank God I'm done with college now, otherwise my husband would be the one stuck helping all 3 of them since I took evening classes!! I guess I shouldn't complain too much, at least I know they are getting a good education. It's just frustrating some nights when they seem to have just soooo much to do!!!

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