Friday, September 30, 2011

F-U Friday again!

Oh yes, it's that time of the week again! A day for me to rant and vent about anything and everything that's been pissing me off lately! Thanks to the lovely boobies for hosting F-U Friday!!

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FAWK YOU: Worker's Compensation! For not paying my husband enough to support our family! We can't sue his job because of the new "no fault" law, and we can't stop worker's comp., for him to go on temporary disability until we find out if he needs a second surgery, so he is just stuck getting paid less than half of what he used to make. How is anyone supposed to survive on that?

FAWK YOU: Utility company for screwing us over. Somehow, it just happens that our water bill soars at the same time this town is putting in new water lines. Then the bill goes down when the new water lines are done? We didn't do a thing different, so explain this to me, plz, mmkay. Also, for not having any kind of financial assistance for people like us who are stuck on piddly ass worker's comp., and can't pay our outrageous bill. Do we have to sell everything we have just to pay you to bend us over???

FAWK YOU: Job hunting! Since I finished college, I've been sending out buttloads of resumes, and filling out so many applications that I can't keep them straight. I've had ONE phone call, ONE! I need a job so freakin bad, it's not funny.

FAWK YOU: To Me! For not posting any rants in such a long time! I've been spending time job hunting and trying to make money wherever possible online, and just haven't been in the mood to rant. Yes, I have to be in the MOOD or it just doesn't feel right! I couldn't find one simple rant that I really wanted to write about! I'll get back into it soon, I promise!


Mad Mind said...

I know how you feel about the job hunting. It just sucks right now. I don't know what I'm going to do when my unemployment runs out. It's only a fourth of what I was making so it isn't really much anyway.

Two years ago the electric company put in a new meter and then tried to tell us that we had been underpaying. We put up an argument and they finally backed down.

Dazee Dreamer said...

I thought the utilities had programs for people that couldn't afford their bills. Good luck to your husband.

crazedmama said...

lol @ Mad Mind, the utility company actually had the balls to say that we must have had a leak and that we were lying about not getting it fixed! WTF! There is no leak and before we moved in, all new pipes were put in! .. they are putting in more water lines again right now around town, so if our bill goes up again, we are calling a lawyer!

@ Dazee, since the town owns the utilities, they are not mandated by the state, meaning they don't have to follow state laws and they don't have to offer any kind of program. Soo, they fatten our bill, then tell us we are SOL if we can't pay it!! It's not right, they should still have to follow state rules.

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