Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Got Anger??

I've always been a hot tempered person. Even as a child if things didn't go my way then I would get soo angry and I would hit and throw things! Most people find that hard to believe because I'm normally so quiet and shy they can't imagine that I would have any sort of hot temperment!

My anger was starting to cause problems in my life. I'm not going to go into a lot of details but I knew that I had to change something because I was tired of losing my temper so quickly and saying or doing things that I didn't mean.

I started doing my own research on anger management and found a few tips that have really helped.

The biggest one for me is to step away from the situation. If I feel myself getting ready to blow then I just back away. I will go outside or go into another room to give myself some time to calm down. Then once I am calm I will confront the problem that made me so angry in the first place.

Another technique that helps me a lot is to learn to be able to tell how my body reacts when I'm starting to get angry. The tightness in my chest, breathing harder, my muscles clenching up. As soon as I begin to feel this happening inside of my body I will then talk myself down. I will tell myself little things such as, "Calm down" or, "control the anger" over and over again. You can also count to 10 or 100 however long you think you need to bring yourself down from that anger mountain!

I still have my little blow ups here and there but these techniques have taught me how to control them better. Sometimes all it takes is just for me to think to myself and talk myself down. I sometimes ask myself if the problem is REALLY worth getting so angry and upset about? Usually, the answer is no!


Bungi said...

I have been reading a bit on holding back words... To quote what i read, "Make sure you think first and speak next. Otherwise you may give the greatest speech which you never made." Guess you statement on whether something is worth getting angry about resonated with what i read.

crazedmama said...

Yeah, when I usually stop and ask myself if it's worth getting angry over I usually end up realizing how petty the problem is and not worth my temper rising!

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