Sunday, April 22, 2007

Stop Blaming Myspace!

I'm always hearing so many people bash myspace because myspace is getting a bad reputation in the news all the time, but why myspace? Just because it has millions and millions of members and is very popular? That's why we should blame them? What does myspace do that is so horrible? Because they can't screen their users before letting them become members good enough? Well, who CAN screen their users, really? Yes, a lot of websites have statements that no one under 18 or whatever age can join, but how can they really know? They can ask for birth dates, but that's easy to make one up. I guess they COULD ask for people to send them copies of their ID's but how do they REALLY know that the ID is the person sitting in front of the monitor? There is no real way for them to find out! Yes, there are some sick people on myspace, but there are sick people EVERYWHERE! You can find them anywhere on line; chat rooms, message boards, online can they weed them out? They can't!

I know some people mention that there are nude pics on myspace. It's the internet! What do you expect? Yahoo is free to use, you can go into chatrooms and chat with people who have nude pics of themselves in their profiles that are easy to access. So why just blame myspace for it all?? What did they do that is any different from any other online community? NOTHING, except become the biggest and most popular one around at the moment.

Parents need to stop trying to throw the blame on myspace. Your child can access these sort if pics anywhere, and they can bump into weirdos online anywhere, also! YOU, as the parent, need to be the one talking to your child about the hazards of being online and not to trust everyone from the internet. YOU, as the parent need to teach your children which websites not to go to and get involved in what they are doing online.

Myspace is a great fun place to find old friends, make new friends, market you business, market your music and many other things. Stop blaming myspace for being this horrible breeding ground for pedophiles just waiting to pounce on your poor innocent children! Be more involved with your children and then you wouldn't have to blame everyone and everything else!

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bungi said...

Hmmm... I think whoever is controlling mass media has to be responsible. Media wields great power and with that power should come responsiblity.

And yes, while reponsibility for bringing up children lies greatly with parents, i dont think we can ignore the responsibility of the society in shaping up the kids' lives.

Hmmmm. Dont know if i can say anything specifically about myspace. I haven't signed up for it. Usually, i try to keep my personal details to the min to avoide abuse.

Lx said...

and hey...Facebook is much worse.
it keeps track of ALL of your movements.
they're in big time legal hot water;
apparently they've been selling these online footprints to advertisers; so when you pop on your page, you'll see all kinds of ads geared toward your preferences.

crazedmama said...

I'm glad I have stayed away from facebook then! Thanks for the heads up!

Two Drink Girl said...

I agree with you...Myspace is the tool, but no one forces these people to use it.

Here via blogmad, great blog!

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