Thursday, June 14, 2007


The legalization of Marijuana has been an ongoing debate for many years! There are always two sides to it and I, for one, support the legalization of Marijuana, but don't believe it will ever happen.

People who don't know about Marijuana just believe everything the press tells them about the subject. The truth is, Marijuana is virtually harmless. Yes, there are some dangers that come along with it, inhaling any kind of smoke into your lungs can be dangerous, that's a given. Other than that, Marijuana is a lot less harmful than people think it is. People use Marijuana for many different reasons. I know people that use it to help with ADHD because it helps them to be able to calm down and focus better. Many people take it for pain. Marijuana is a GREAT sleep aid. It helps you relax and lets you drift off to sleep when you might normally be tossing and turning all night long.

Many people believe that Marijuana is a gateway drug, but I don't agree with that. I admit, I have smoked Marijuana. I'm not ashamed of it because I dont see anything wrong with it. It's a natural plant that comes up out of the ground. It doesn't make me see crazy things. It doesn't make me go nuts and want to hurt anyone. It helps me to be calm and relaxed and have a lot more patience! Marijuana is the only drug that I have ever done and ever will do. My mind is strong enough that I don't need to move on to using more harmful substances.

Marijuana doesn't make people commit crimes. If anyone reading this has used Marijuana they know that it's actually the opposite! Like I stated above, Marijuana makes you calm and relaxed. You don't want to go and cause trouble you just want to relax, lol!

Alcohol is a lot more harmful than Marijuana is, yet it is legal. Alcohol makes people act really stupid and sometimes even angry to the point of being dangerous. Marijuana doesn't do that, it's just the opposite, but it is still illegal!

I once was watching Montel Williams and he was discussing the use of Marijuana. As most of you know, he suffers from a very debilitating disease. On this show he admitted that he uses medicinal Marijuana and goes on to say that he has tried every pain pill out there and nothing worked except Marijuana. If it weren't for Marijuana he wouldn't be able to sleep or even be able to do his show! If it's so helpful then why is it still illegal??

I will always support the legalization of Marijuana but don't think it will even happen. The government will want to figure out some kind of way to tax it so that they can reap the monetary benefits of it, but most people are too closed minded and ignorant about Marijuana that they will never let it be legal.

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