Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ugh, sooo mad!

So my husband started a new job today and before he left early this morning he came upstairs and woke me up. He was irate!! Someone broke into both our cars. They stole change out of my car (i didnt have much else in there) and they stole everything out of his car. They stole his change, his pocket knife, and the biggest thing was that we had this big CD book thing which had probably close to 50 CD's in it. GONE! I'm so upset! Some of those CD's are irreplaceable and even the ones that are replaceable we can't afford to go out and buy all of them right now! We think it might have been this meth head prostitute that walks up and down our streets at all hours of the night. I think she was going to steal something off of our porch or maybe my car the other day. My husband left and she watched him leave and then started walking up to our porch looking at my stuff on the porch (I have a bunch of statues and stuff). She came all the way up to the porch. Not the steps, just the side of the porch. Then she saw me standing in the window watching her and she left. I went outside and yelled at her to stay off our property and later that night my husband yelled at her too when she walked by. We think she stole something that night from someone else's porch cuz she was looking around and went up to a porch and walked away really fast. We've heard that she's not right in the head and whoever broke into our cars wasn't just doing it for the money. The stole my husbands freakin' chapstick for gods sake! They also stole some of our utility bills that were laying on the front seat! Also, my husband had some steal toed shoes in the back seat and they stole ONE shoe, not both of them, just one!! UGH! I'm just waiting for her to walk by our house again! I'm sooo angry about those CD's, most of them were all of our fave CD's too and now they are all gone!!


awannabe said...

This is horrible. I had all my CDs stolen out of my car a few years back. No fun.

crazedmama said...

definitey no fun! it's even worse that we KNOW who did it but no way to prove it! so she got away with it!

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