Thursday, December 27, 2007

After Christmas rant?

Ok, this is something that has bugged me for awhile but since it is only two days after Christmas it seems the perfect time for me to let it all out!

Who the Hell comes up with the packaging for toys? I mean...reallly?? For those of you who have children you know exactly what Im talking about. For those of you who dont have any children young enough for toys, let me explain it to you. These companies make it so freaking difficult to get the damned toy out of the box. They cover it with glued down plastic stuff then they attach it to the box with little plastic twisty tie thingys that are twisted like 100 times. One little car will be attached to the box with 10 of these things! So not only does it take forever to get the stupid toy out of the damn box while excited children are trying to wait patiently, you also have a billion of these little plastic twisty things and trash to pick up! They also tie everything down! If it comes with little extra parts they will still tie the tiniest parts down as well. Sometimes the packaging actually requires scissors or a knife just to get the main cover open! Then once you have that part CUT open you have to deal with all of the stupid little twisty ties. Now the new thing is that they SCREW toys to the box. I mean, literally, SCREW. You have to actually get a screw driver to undo the screws just to get a car out of the box! Who comes up with this crap? It has to be a man! No offense to any of my manly readers but most of us women would have some common sense about this kind of thing! As if xmas and birthdays aren't already stressful enough for parents, having to take an hour to get one toy out of a box is just ridiculous! There have been so many times that I have wanted to call the toy company just to give them an ear full!


Jane Doe said...

It is insnae the way they pack those toys, I know. You have a great blog, I'll be back. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


crazedmama said...

Thank you very much! I hope you stop by soon!

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