Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My weekend fun and rant!

We had a very busy weekend! Saturday we went to a concert and slept at my moms house afterwards so that we didn't have to have the kids out that late driving back home (we live an hour away from my mother). Then Sunday morning we came back home to take care of the dog and headed to the Fort Wayne's Children Zoo. It was a little disappointing. I expected it to have more exhibits. My oldest son is obsessed with the Lion King and loves Lions. He was soo excited about seeing a Lion in their Afican Safari and they didn't even have it finished. The only animals in the safari was a Giraffe! Their website didnt say anything about it not being finished yet! Then we paid $2 a piece to take a train ride. It was $10 for all of us and all it did was go around a freakin circle! What a rip off! But, the kids still had fun and it was nice to have a family day together.

Now, for my rant! Most of the exhibits had a lot of people in them with everyone waiting their turn to see the animals. We would patiently wait in line only to have a bunch of kids, who should know better, running and pushing in front of our kids! What made it even worse was that the parents were right there and LET them do that and some of the parents did it themselves! That is so rude and disrespectful! Wait your turn like everyone else!

Then you have the people that just want to stand right there for like 15 minutes making everyone else wait and wait! Have sone respect for other people and get the Hell out of the way! Everyone else would like a chance to see, too! This one guy was video taping and standing right in the middle of the walk way so that no one could get through until my husband pushed his way through with the double stroller, lol. We got some dirty looks, but do you really think that everyone wants to stand their and wait for you to get out of the way since you want to stand right in the middle?

Towards the end of our zoo journey we were about to get on the train. Ofcourse it was a little train with small seats that could fit two adults in each seat. It was us and 3 kids so we needed to have two seats together. We were at the end of the line to get in and everyone else would pick seats in the middle of empty seats. So it would be like one empty seat, then two seats of people, then another empty seat. NO ONE would offer to move back a seat so that our family could sit together. Not one freakin person! Our kids were so excited to get on the train and we had to stand and wait until the next one came because no one would move for us.

You know what really aggravates me? Everyone looks at us weird and makes little comments about us because we have a lot of tattoos. Especially my husband. He just got a tattoo on the back of his head (I wasnt happy about it..but anyway...). I've heard all sorts of little comments and people pointing at my husband with disgusted looks on their faces. But you know what? WE are respectful to other people. We love to help people when we can and we care about other people. All of these "normal" looking people are the ones who are raising rude ass disrespectful kids because they act the same way as parents! It's the "normal" people who are pushing in front of everyone. It's the "rude" ass people who only think of their selves and don't care about anyone else around them. But yet you people judge us by the way we look and stereotype us because of what we choose to do with our OWN bodies. I know I have written about this before, but our kids are very well behaved in public and that's because we have taught them to be respectful of other people! No wonder this world is getting worse and worse by the second. It's because of immature, disrespectful parents raising immature disrespectful children..and the cycle is just going to keep continuing and growing!


Gina said...

Sadly, I have noticed the same thing. My 4 year old is much better behaved than some friends' 10 and 8 yo's. And, those same type of parents are the biggest "judgers" of people who walk a bit left of center.

crazedmama said...

And they will pass their judgment on to their children and grandchildren and it will just keep continuing on!

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