Friday, October 19, 2007

Online drama!

It's been awhile since I've been able to post here. My internet was off for a week! I really didn't miss it as much as I expected. I was able to get a lot done around the house that I normally don't have time to do! However, now I have to make up for the week of work missed and it's not leaving me much time for the blogs...again!

Anyway, my rant for the week is about online drama. We have all seen it, right? Someone gets a corn cob up their butt and wants to start running their mouth through their keyboard. I've been involved in some of it in the past, but I was never the mean troll starting it. I've noticed that it happens a lot between women. On mothers or parenting message boards, or work at home message boards. Women are very catty and love to play the drama queen roll. That is one reason why I stay away from most women. I'd prefer to have male friends to be honest!

I remember a few years ago there was this one guy that used to talk crap about me ALL the time. He used to post messages on message boards calling me fat and all kinds of names. He even made up a story one time that included my name in it! I never understood why or what his problem was because I had never spoken to him online or in person. One day I came across his blog and while reading through it noticed how he was always complaining about how he is single and can't get laid and is always having to, uhh.."take care of himself". That made the whole thing a lot more clearer to me and now I find it a bit funny. People like to hide behind their computer screens and run their mouths. Why? It could be a variety of things. Could be because they are like this guy, just a lonely loser who has nothing better to do. Maybe it makes them feel tough being able to type such big tough words? Or they just like to start drama and bickering between people. Whatever it may be, I have grown past that and have a lot better things to do with my time!

Online drama is something I stay away from these days. For one thing, I just don't have time to stay online all day just to check and see what so and so has said and then come back with a snarky remark. I am wayy to busy for that crap between my kids, my husband who is about to have surgery in a few days and working. I have 2 other blogs that I write. One is about work at home jobs. I've heard through the grapevine that some people don't like some of the things I am writing about and are talking crap about me without even knowing me. I'm actually finding it quite amusing! I had 123 visits yesterday to that blog, thanks guys!!!! I know where they are coming from. I checked the links back, but Im not going to run over to that site and get involved in it, even though I already have been without knowing anything about it. If you people who don't know me want to talk your smack then be my guest! Like I said before, I have a million other better things to be doing than worry about it or lower myself to getting involved in it more than I already am. I'm not trying to piss anyone off but if that's the way you are taking it then here's a hanky to wipe your tears!

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