Saturday, February 18, 2012

Why Being Sick Sucks!!

I roll my eyes every time someone posts on Facebook saying, "I hate being sick!". I always want to comment with, "does anyone ever LIKE being sick?". It's flu and cold season right now and there seems to be a lot of miserable souls these days including myself. I have a sinus infection that has been keeping me down for the last few days. 

I have decided to make a list of exactly WHY being sick sucks ass and the worst things about being sick? 

  1. Your nose is all stuffed up and is also running at the same time. You can't breathe and you have to constantly wipe your nose. How many of you just stuff a tissue up your nose hole because you get tired of wiping it??
  2. The throbbing headache that comes along with a head cold or sinus infection. The one that begins to throb every time you move.
  3. Wheezing and breathing hard whenever you do anything that requires a tiny bit of exertion. You are breathing like someone who has been smoking for over 30 years and is 100 pounds over weight!
  4. Sleeping with your mouth open because you can't breathe. Worrying about spiders crawling in your mouth. Then waking up with your tongue stuck to the roof of your mouth making you crave a glass of water.
  5. That annoying cough. The one that starts out as a little tickle in your throat that won't go away. You keep swallowing hoping to get rid of it, but it never works. Then you cough your freakin head off which makes your head throb, your sides hurt, your throat hurt, and then you almost puke from coughing so hard. This coughing fit always seems to occur when you are speaking to someone important or are somewhere out in public. 
  6. Sounding like a 50 year smoker when you talk or cough. 
  7. Taking a bunch of medications trying to ease the symptoms of a cold because there is NO cure for a cold, just medications to help alleviate the symptoms. Usually though, no matter how much medication you take, and how much money you spend, it usually doesn't do much for you.
  8. The fatigue. The one that makes you feel like a zombie along with the throbbing sinus headache and you don't want to do anything but lay around and take good drugs that help you sleep. Nothing usually gets done around the house and then you have to either drag yourself to work or lose out on the money (unless you are one of the lucky ones who get sick pay).  Once you finally feel better, you have to make up for all of the lost time. 
  9. Loss of taste. Yeah, when your nose is so clogged up you lose your sense of taste. Everything tastes like cardboard. This usually makes you just not want to eat at all, then once you get your taste back, you want to eat everything in sight!

What about the stomach bug?

  1. The horrible churning cramp in your stomach that can have you bent over in pain.
  2. When the smell of anything brings you close to vomiting.
  3. Vomiting. Ugh. Especially when it comes out of your nose!!!
  4. Vomiting and diarrhea... at the same time.. 'nuff said.

............ I did get the flu shot this year. This is the first time I've ever gotten one. A typical winter consists of me being sick every few weeks. So far, since Fall, I've had a couple of sinus infections and one stomach bug, but no serious debilitating colds. I think I'm going to start getting a flu shot every year. Everyone hates being sick!


Wayne W Smith said...

What a great post. I also love the design of your blog. It is very cool. Visiting from Thirsty for Thursday.

Silverfaerie said...

Oh Em Gee! I totally worry about spiders or something crawling in my mouth when I can't sleep with it shut! That keeps me up way longer than it ever really should!

Everything you list is soo's funny how we know nothing will help, even after years of experiencing it, but still spend so much money on meds in the hope that someday, something will. I think the psychosomatic effects can, at times, help somewhat.

Here for Thirsty For Comments Thursday! Thanks so much for linking up with us again!

Deanna crazed said...

Ha! I try not to think about spiders going in my mouth as much as possible but when it's wide open like that, anything can crawl in there and we wouldn't even know it!!!

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