Monday, February 13, 2012

Woah! Is Whitney Houston DEAD???

Saturday night, my mom texted me asking if Whitney Houston was dead? I had been gone all day and didn't know anything about it. Then she texted back to tell me it was true and that she read it on one of the news websites. A little bit later, I logged onto Facebook and had literally 15 statuses on my news feed about her death, and it has been non stop ever since (it's now Monday night). Do people really care so much about a stranger???

Yes, Whitney was stunningly beautiful back in her day along with her voice. Some of her songs are legendary songs that almost everyone in the world knows. But, really, why do people care so much if she's dead?? She let herself get involved with Bobby Brown, it was her own prerogative (heh, I know!)! She turned into a coked out crack head who couldn't survive life sober. She was no longer elegant or beautiful; she turned into a trashy ghettoo ass bitch who thought she was still superior. *teh*

Sooo shut up about her!!!!! We all knew it had something to do with drugs. No, she wasn't your best friend, you never even met her. She wasn't a relative of yours. She croaked. So what? It's not as if she was continuing to even produce good music. She could have had the world in her hands if she was just strong enough to say no. Sad? Yes. Do I care? No. 


The Queen said...

I could have not said it better myself! I tip my crown to you..

lol my word verification is fockiros.. love it..

Lu said...

Well said!
Imagine that happening while there are riots in the capital of your country (in which you live), fires and hurt people everywhere. It's what happened to me.

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