Thursday, February 9, 2012

Keep Your Dogs Under Control

I think most states have a leash law don't they? This means that if your dog is out of the house, it needs to either be in a secured fence or on a leash. Sooo, why is it that so many people just let their dogs run all over BFE?

I understand that some dogs like to escape and take off running. I had a dog when I was a kid that would sneak out and would be gone for hours. When that happens, it's an accident. I'm talking about people who deliberately let their dogs out free to roam wherever they want. I can understand if they live out in the country and the dog stays on the property, that's one thing... but in town is another.

First of all, when you let your dog run free he or she is running around in allll of your neighbors' yards, pooping and peeing in the grass, driving other dog's nuts which results in their dogs barking, getting into trash spreading it all over, stealing things from people's yard, and maybe even getting another dog knocked up or vice versa. Do you really think your neighbors want to deal with that shit?

At our old house, these people across the street had a beautiful blue eyed husky that they just let run all over the neighborhood. If we were outside, this dog would stand there and just bark at us.. and bark.. and bark. We didn't know if he could become aggressive or not and I didn't exactly feel safe with a strange dog being around my kids. Usually after an hour or so of the barking, the neighbors would come out and get him and act as if he got out accidently.. even though it happened almost every day. Our dog would also go crazy when that dog was around and wouldn't stop barking.

Not only is your loose dog annoying everyone in the fucking neighborhood, you are also putting your dog in danger. Most dogs don't know to look both ways before crossing the street. They could be hit and injured or killed, not to mention, if they cause an accident, YOU are the one responsible for the damages because YOU didn't keep your dog under your control.

There are some really sick people out there that may do something to hurt a dog, especially if it is shitting in their yard all the time. There are sick fucks out there that will intentionally poison or hurt a dog, not to mention try to steal it.

Don't be a fucking dumbass. If you own a dog, take care of it!! You wouldn't let your 2 yr old wander all over the neighborhood by himself would you? Why let your dog? A dog doesn't always understand what things are safe and what things are dangerous. Plus, if someone calls the dog warden on your dog, YOU will be in trouble and will probably be forced to pay a fine, and if the dog causes any damage anywhere, YOU will be the responsible one! If your dog runs out in front of a car and the car slams on their brakes and the car behind them runs into the car and kills someone, that would be on your shoulders. Its happened.

Stop pissing off your neighbors and putting your dog in danger. Thank you.

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