Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dumb Babies

We all love our kids (well, most of us anyway) and like to brag about them. We all think our children are the cutest, smartest, best kids in the whole entire world, don't we? One reason I don't really blog about my children very often is that I get tired of reading about everyone else's kids that I don't know, why would I expect anyone to care about MINE when they don't even know me in person or my kids??

When someone is talking about their baby, the thing I always hear the most is, "oh, little Rosie is just so smart!". It makes me want to yell, "NO, SHE'S NOT!". Because guess what? For the majority of people, your baby is no different than the other 45081745 kids in the world. Yes, kids all learn and do things at different times, but unless there is something wrong with them, they all do it eventually!! Your kid is not that damned special and you didn't create some freakin' genius baby unless your child is in the gifted class. Your baby has not conquered some huge feat just because he knows the letter A or knows that a cat says meow. Whoooptyfreakindoo!!!!! and really, no one else cares about your little demon child unless they are related or real life friends. Of course, you may get the, "awww, she's so cute" comments, but that person probably doesn't really give a shit that your kid pooped in the potty at 3am this morning or that he can pick his nose and hide the booger under the kitchen table. Kids are kids are kids! Little 12 and 13 year olds are creating babies, yours isn't that special. I know we would all like to think that are children are amazingly special and will be be a star one day, but guess what? That rarely happens. Shut up about your kid and give me something interesting to read and/or talk about!

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