Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bullies and School Shootings

I'm sure by now, most of you have heard about the most recent school shooting in Ohio. Ohio is my home state so it hit close this time. I know that all of these school shootings are sad and a horrible thing, but part of me understands.

I understand what it's like to be teased and taunted. I know what it's like to hear the jokes being said behind my back as if I were deaf and couldn't hear them. I know what it's like to hear people laughing knowing that they are laughing at me. School was Hell for me at times and I tried everything I could to get out of going to school because of it.

What caused this kid to snap? Most times, the shooter is the one who was bullied. The loner of the school that kept to himself with just a few close friends. The one that everyone thought was weird and made the perfect target for their jokes.

Not everyone who is bullied starts shooting randomly at school but I think if someone is already on the edge, whether it be with depression or mental stability, all of the teasings would cause anyone to explode. I admit it, I used to dream about there REALLY being a bomb inside of my school (we had a lot of bomb threats in school) and the school blew up while I watched it with all of the fucktards in it.

What do people get out of bullying? Does bullying make them feel superior and better about themselves? To degrade another person boosts their self esteem? Who gets enjoyment out of hurting someone's feelings? Who thinks it's funny to tease and call people names? Where are the parents who should have taught their children from a young age NOT to be a bully and to treat everyone equally? That was YOUR responsibilities, parents. It is your responsibility to teach your kids to treat everyone the same and to not discriminate against someone that is a little different. Do your fucking job and teach your kid how to be a good person. OH wait, you were probably an asshat in school, too. Assholes raise assholes, I guess.

Yes, these kids should be punished for killing others but I think we need to figure out what exactly pushed them to that point?

I'm glad that schools are becoming more strict when it comes to bullying. The school my kids are in has a great no bullying policy. Not all schools have adopted these rules though and too many teachers just turn the other cheek when they see bullying going on. Sometimes, teachers need to step in, too, instead of just ignoring the problem.

If you were never teased in school, you will never understand.

I love that movie, btw!


Mudpiesandtiaras said...

I would have to agree. It seems to start earlier and earlier now too.
I came by from the hop

Angela said...

I totally agree with you that children should be taught at a very young age not to be ugly to anyone. That calling someone names and taunting them is NEVER acceptable. I was never really bullied in school, but I did know a girl that went to my junior high school and because she was a little different and slow, they used to constantly taunt her and laugh. I did take up for her on one occasion and walked out of the cafeteria with her. That didn't stop the kids from laughing at her. It makes no sense to me that children want to bully and pick on another human being. I know it is partly because the one doing the bullying has very low self esteem. Sometimes they just need help too because you never know what's going on with them. But again it is NEVER EVER acceptable for another person to torment, call names and abuse another person. Also like you said teachers should step in and do something. I know there was a video that they showed on the news a while back and it was of students hitting a boy in class and the teacher was right there and knew what was happening and did nothing! It is sad!

Silverfaerie said...

In high school,there was a couple of girls who gave me a hard time. It never came to anything physical, but they regularly implied that it would. Teasing was rampant back then from what I can recall. In my opinion, it's much worse now. Kids learn language these days that they were protected from hearing when I was younger. That only gives them much stronger fuel for their fires.

In my opinion, I don't think kids really THINK about the effects of the things they say. Nor do they realize that their attempts at popularity (which from my experience is one of the reasons they even participate in teasing and bullying)are seen in so much a one-sided view, that they may not be completely aware of the impact that it has on the recipient, let alone the others around who hear it.

Anyone who has attended a class on sociology has learned that, when in groups, people can and will do things that they never would if they were alone. It never made much sense to me, but apparently, that is what has been shown time and time again to happen.

I won't say that parents are entirely to blame. I believe that there are many instances in which the parents have taught their children the importance of treating others kindly and with fairness, of trying to teach them that differences are not to be unappreciated, etc. Sometimes, those parents don't have a clue that their children are acting in such horribly mean ways. Despite this, I also think that some children learn it directly from watching their own parents who still, in adulthood, act these ways.

My son was bullied once, in grade school. His behavior completely changed. Instead of his fun-loving, social tendencies, he started sitting along during recess, under a tree, away from the other kids. This went on for some time before I became away of it. When I approached the school, they did everything BUT deal with the situation accordingly. Instead of punishing the main culprit, they moved my son from his class to another, essentially punishing my son for what he had suffered through. It was so bad that I ended up changing his school altogether. Once he moved and readjusted, he was back to his old self and happy as could be.

Deanna crazed said...

My son was bullied in 1st grade. One kid even threatened to kill him! My husband went to the school and told them that if they don't do anything about it, he was going to teach our son how to fight. He told them that he didn't want it to go that way, but if they were not going to do anything, he was going to teach our son to defend himself and not put up with it. Luckily, the school took care of the situation but I know a lot of schools that just turn a blind eye to it and let it go on and I think they are just as much to blame when they ignore it.

At our old house, we had these neighbor kids that were just horrible. The littlest one was in Kindergarten with my twins and she had the foulest mouth I've ever heard. One time, the kids misplaced their sandals outside and the mom blamed OUR kids for stealing their shoes (wtf?), and she began calling us alllll kinds of names in front of her kids and ours (even after her kids found their shoes under a tree). Another neighbor had to get the police involved because of that mother. It's sad when people like that are parents, raising other human beings to be just like them.

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