Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Over Achieving Moms and Period Parties

Over achieving moms have been the subject of quite a few blog posts lately. What are over achieving moms? Well, these are the parents who spend thousands of dollars on their kids' first birthday party (which I always thought was stupid anyway.. the kid is 1 and has no idea wtf is going on!... save it til they are older and can enjoy it!). The ones that truly do treat their children as if they are a real Prince or Princess by spoiling them to the point of being sickening and disgusting. Some of these parents might as well wrap their little brats in bubble wrap and lock them in the basement before they realize what reality is!

I just came across a blog post about parents hosting period parties. No, I'm not talking about the little dot on the end of a sentence, I'm talking about when a girl starts bleeding out of her hoo-ha. Parents are now using the first period as a reason to throw a party and show off to their friends what "great" parents they are.

First of all, why would you want to do this to a teenage girl? I remember when I got my period. Yes, I was a little excited because it meant I was "grown up" but it was also embarrassing, painful, and downright gross (it still is!). Why the Hell would you want your mommy to run and tell the whole town that you got your period? Do these mothers have such very low self esteem that they have to try to make themselves feel better by throwing a party for every single thing that happens to their child? Hey, a tooth fell out; PARTY! Hey, he wiped his own butt: PARTY! Hey, she can write her name: PARTY!

This goes right along with my Dumb Babies post. Guess what, over achieving mamas? Every girl gets her period! Your daughter isn't that special that she made blood shoot out of her coochie. Your daughter getting her period does not make you some all-star mom. You didn't grow some super genius brain child in your womb.

What are these over achieving moms doing to their kids? Are they teaching them how to be responsible? Hmm, no. Are they teaching them what is important in life? Probably not. Are they teaching them to be conceited annoying little brats that are sooo full of themselves that they will probably get beat up on regular basis when they get older?? Hmm, yeah, I'm thinking so.

Try just being a parent. A good parent. A parent their teaches their kids right from wrong. A parent that teaches their kid to have respect for everyone else. A parent who teaches their kid to treat everyone equally. Take a look at your priorities and flip them upside down or else get your head out of your ass so that you can see them properly. Idiots.

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