Friday, December 30, 2011

Marriage Means Nothing!

Here we go with another marriage down the tubes after only a couple of weeks. Sinead O'Conner just ended her 18 day marriage. What the fuck? Is it all of the sudden cool to just marry anyone and then get divorced a few days later? Is it funny? Or are people just that fucking stupid?? If your marriage ends within a few days or even a few weeks, obviously shit was wrong BEFORE you got married and if you still got married, you are a dumbass and get what you deserve!

I've been married for over 8 years, and it has definitely had its difficult moments. Marriage is something that is intended to be forever, but it typically doesn't happen that way; it's very rare if it does. Since when did marriage become just a literal piece of paper? My husband has a cousin who is in her late 20s and on her 4th husband. FOURTH! Are people just fucking idiots or what? You decide to marry every guy you date longer than a week? Then all of the sudden you decide, hey, wait, I don't like being around this person every day, I better go find someone else to marry?! If your marriage can't even last a month, then obviously you didn't hold up your end of the bargain. There is no way in Hell that you could have "tried everything" within a few weeks and then just decide, "oh well."

I've watched that Kardashian show one time. I don't care about any of those twats, but after their divorce announcement, I wanted to see what was going on. Her husband is obviously a big ogre of an ass, but I'm 100% sure he was probably the same ogre of an ass before their wedding day. That just makes HER look like an idiot.

My husband and I have separated twice. One thing I remember, the first time we split up, was some advice I read online. It said that people jump into divorce too quickly and that you should not file divorce papers until you can honestly tell your children that you tried everything, AND you can walk away from the marriage with a clean conscience and no emotions for your spouse any longer. People give up too easily. When I got married, I meant the promises that I made. I know people change and things change with time, but you can't give up that easily.

Love, Live, Respect, Death. I will LOVE you through LIFE and RESPECT you through DEATH... My husband and I's matching tattoo.

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