Monday, December 26, 2011

No! You Are NOT a Diva!

I absolutely despise the word "diva". I hate it when women call themselves a Diva, and I really hate it when people call their daughters a diva. The simple word "diva" annoys the shit out of me, and why do so many women choose to call themselves a diva? To me, a diva is someone who thinks she needs to wear 10 lbs of make up every day, has to have her hair "did" (that annoys me, too, btw) every week, her eyebrows have to be perfect, her clothing has to be perfect, her shoes have to be perfect, she thinks SHE is perfect, even though she is obviously NOT perfect if it takes all of this lame crap to make herself look that way!! A diva is also a materialistic bitch that thinks she doesn't have to lift a finger to work, that she is owed everything, and is better than everyone else. Why would anyone want to be that way? A diva is the type of person who I would like to punch in the throat and pull her fake weave off of her head!!

I did a search on Photobucket for the word "Diva" to try to find a good graphic to use for this post. I had to search through hundreds of photos of women who THINK they are a diva, the majority of them were  bordering on being completely naked. Is the new meaning of diva also "whore"??

Every time any one refers to themselves as a diva I want to slap them across their face but don't want my hand covered in their 10 lbs of make up. Ya fake bitch.

Why the Hell would anyone want to call their child a "diva"? My child is NOT a diva, nor will she ever be allowed to act like a diva in my house! I hate the word diva!!! I've seen a lot of blogs with the word diva in the name, and to be honest, as soon a I see that word on their blog header, I will most likely click the big x and get out of their quick. I sure as Hell won't take anyone seriously that calls themself a diva. I want to kick anyone in the head who calls themself a diva. Twats.


Just Keepin' It Real, Folks said...

Spoken like a true antidiva like me. Keep it real girl!!!!


Deanna crazed said...

Thanks, Deb!

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