Monday, December 19, 2011

Have you ever given your child coal?

I'm sure most of us have threatened our children, right? Especially at this time of year, that if they are not good, Santa will bring them coal. It works for some, but not every kid out there. My 7 year old son, for example, has been a real handful lately. He lies all the time, even when I TELL him that I saw him do something with my own 2 eyes, he will say he didn't do it. He talks back, he doesn't do what he is told to do, and he doesn't seem to care what the punishment may be. It could be time out, standing in the corner, taking toys away...etc., he will cry about it for a minute, but the behavior just continues. I'm to the point where I really don't want to give him any presents for Christmas! I even told him today that so far, he has acted up every day since they have been out of school for Christmas break (since Friday) but yet he still expects to get presents? He stresses me out so badly sometimes and I really don't think the little brat deserves presents! I thought about putting up the gifts we got for him and telling him that he has to EARN them. I know that I would feel guilty about it come Christmas morning, but give me a fucking break! This kid drives me insane and no matter what I do, he just doesn't seem to give a crap. He even told my husband the other day, "you're not the boss of me!"... and he's 7! SEVEN!

Have any of you ever given your child coal or taken gifts away? Christmas only comes once a year, is tough love worth it? Would it be rewarding his bad behavior by giving him presents? Especially, when Santa is supposed to give all naughty kids coal? This kid is more than just naughty! He's a plain out bad little brat! Yes, I love him dearly, don't get me wrong, but he just wears me down. Bribery doesn't even work! Should I go gather some coal????

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