Friday, December 9, 2011

Lost Duggar Baby

Before I begin my rant, I just want to say that I am not in any way, making fun of losing a child. I know that it is a very traumatic thing to go through.

That being said, the big headlines for today is the story of Michelle Duggar losing her 19th 20th baby. Do they expect sympathy from any of us? Yes, the losing a baby situation is sad, but .. for her, really? I mean, she has spent her life being a human baby factory that often resembles that of a dog breeder. She has gotten rich off of her reality show, showcasing her 345081345 kids and getting knocked up every couple of months. Is she really that special that she can get knocked up that many times? Umm, no. Or is she a a few cards short of a full deck? I think anyone who has 20 kids is a little off of their rocker. Sure, lots of people love kids, but shouldn't there be a line drawn? If you have to have a freakin tour bus to take your kids to buy school clothes, isn't enough, enough?? Those 19 kids can not possibly get enough equal attention from their parents. They have the older kids taking care of the younger children. Eventually, the older kids are going to resent the whole situation. I've only watched the show a few times because I find it quite annoying. I mean, it's one thing if you want to have 5, 6, 7 kids.. but you should not expect your older children to care for your younger children. They are not just build in babysitters. I know a few families in real life that do this as well. Their own teenage kids don't have a regular teenage life because they are forced to stay home and care for their younger siblings. What kind of life is that? This country is already WAYYYYY over crowded, why make the problem worse?

I mean, after 19 pregnancies, her body probably just decided enough was enough. Her uterus is going to end up falling out looking like an inflated balloon. Give it up already.


Summer M said...

I could not agree more! I think the whole family is a few cards short of a full deck!

crazedmama said...

I'm finding out that a lot of people feel the same way! lol

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