Friday, December 23, 2011

F U Friday! In The Christmas Spirit!

 I've been waiting for the Fawk U linky to go up, but I'm guessing Boobies is very busy, so I've decided to post my list anyway before I leave for the evening to head to my mom's with the kids!

Even though I should be showing some Holiday spirit, I've decided a Fawk You Friday would be much better!!

FAWK you to my husband's previous job for screwing him out of his last check! He didn't work for you for free, ass wipe! Hand over the $$$!!

FAWK you to my Droid X phone that isn't working right. I don't know if it's the phone or the SD card, but I can't take photos any more with my phone because it won't even save them! I also can't get to my gallery to see my old pics! Sooo now all of those photos are gone!

FAWK you to the bitch at the utility company for always being a fucking bitch. My husband just got off of worker's compensation and back to work after having surgery and being off of work for over a year, but yet YOU still refuse to have any sort of fucking compassion. I hope your clit falls off.

FAWK you to all of the places I've applied for a job at who haven't even given me a chance or at least a fucking interview. I didn't work my ass off to get my degree just to waste time, paper, ink, and stamps applying to 2450845780 different places! Give me a freakin job, people!

FAWK you to the freelance job I was "hired" for a few months ago. You promised me that I would be able to work as many hours as I wanted on a weekly basis and get paid $$$$. So far, I've worked a total of 10 hours in the past 3 months, and someone else seems to be doing MY work, but yet you can't have the decency to TELL me or let me know what the Hell is going on! Thanks for wasting all of my time and getting my hopes up that this would be a decent work at home job to get us through the Holidays with.

Ho! Ho! Ho!!!!

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