Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's My Money! MINE!

Last week, my husband got sent home from work early one day, so we decided to do a few fun things with the kids for their last day of summer vacation. We had a few errands to run first. We passed a man standing on the corner, holding a sign that read, "work for food". The guy was thin as a rail, look like his face hadn't seen a razor in a month, and he only had one leg. His leg was gone from the knee down. He was standing there in 90-something degree weather on the street corner, balancing himself on crutches, his half-leg propped up on one crutch handle whilst trying to hold this sign. He immediately caught my attention and I thought that I wanted to do something. We came back around about an hour later, and the guy was still there. We stopped and gave him a few dollars, it wasn't much, but it was probably more than he had. When my husband gave the guy the money, the guy said, "God bless you, you are the first ones to stop all day".. and it was already about 1pm.

The more I thought about it, the more pissed I began to get. He was on the street corner of a heavily traveled street where there was a stop light. I was watching all of these fancy ass luxury cars stop at the light, then just drive on by. It's not as if they didn't notice him; the guy stuck out like a sore thumb. Did people just not give a shit? I mean, are you really that fucking stingey that you can't give the man a couple bucks, or even go through McD's and buy him a couple of $1 burgers? Why is it that we, the ones who live paycheck to paycheck, were willing to give our last few dollars to a stranger, when some of you pieces of poo probably had so much money you didn't know what to spend it on next, but yet you couldn't help? Really?

This isn't the first time this has happened. I remember a few years ago, during the xmas season, the bell ringers were outside of a store, and we stopped and threw a few bucks into the bucket. The guy ringing the bell said it was the first donation they got all day. Why is it that poor struggling people like us are willing to give up our last little bit of cash to help someone else, but people who can afford to give it away are too self-involved to bother?

I know there are some scams out there where people pretend to be homeless to get money, or they just want the money to spend on alcohol or beer. If you are worried about that, then go buy them some food instead! More and more people are losing their jobs these days and end up losing their homes and everything they have. But some of you assholes are content sitting on your golden pedestal looking down on everyone else who isn't as rich as you are.

Who knows what happened to this guy. Maybe he was in a horrible accident and lost his leg? Maybe he was a vet. and lost his leg in battle? Maybe he was born this way? What kind of work can he do with only one leg? Maybe he doesn't have computer skills so that he can sit on his ass and work? He would probably give you the shirt off of his back if you needed it, but you wouldn't do the same for him. Assholes.

P.S. The guy in the pic is not the same guy I am writing about, obviously.


Momma of Three {Kenna} said...

Hi There following you from Sensational Saturday Blog hop! I am also a mother of 3 & going to school to be a Medical Assistant!!!

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hello, hopping right in. great to read the honesty btw. :)

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Danielle @ "We Don't Have It All Together" said...

Hi, I am a new follower coming from one of the blog hops. I love your description of yourself... it looks like we have a little bit in common. Your blog title drew me to you :) It seems that I use my blog for a lot of rants, lol.

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Anna said...

I love that you stopped to give him money. I'm always the person emptying my spare change into the hands of someone on the streets. I rarely carry bills, but when I do I will not hesitate to give my $1's to someone that needs them. My friends always tell me I shouldn't and that they'll just spend it on booze, but on more than one occasion I've watched them go into a fast food chain and come out with food.

Anna said...

Btw, I'm a new follower.

Anonymous said...

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Company said...

Greed has no limitations, unfortunately people presume once they have everything they need, they will start doing all the "good" but the fact of life remains that we are never content, thus we never satisfy ourselves, we lose what little empathy we start out with and soon find it much easier to ignore the less fortunate people, it's the reason why humanity is in turmoil, the rich get richer where as the poor, well; get worse. You can only truly understand pain if you have faced pain and know that life can be really harsh when it wants to be.

David Miller

crazedmama said...

Very well said, David! Thank you for the comment.

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