Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Blogger's Rant...

I've had so many ideas for what to post about; so many things to bitch about! I decided to pick a rant from my point of view as a blogger.

I have two other blogs, apart from this one. I have my work at home blog, and I have my personal blog, Madam Sarcasm. I've been steadily working on trying to get my readership up on my work at home blog because I want to begin doing more reviews and giveaways on there. This poor blog and my Madam Sarcasm blog are really suffering. I think the only hits I get are from blog hops and people just being polite. Maybe I do have a few regulars?

My problem? I just don't have time. I don't have time to work on promoting my blogs all day, every day. I don't have time to join every single blog hop, or to respond to every single comment, or comment on every single blog that I look at. I don't have time to promote my blogs like I wish I could. I don't have time to post in my blogs every single day.

I wish I could do all of these things. No, really, I do! I wish I had time to work on blog promotion every day like some bloggers do and get 245083745 comments for every post I write. I wish I had time to network with and make friends with all of the other bloggers out there and join the little blogger socials that go on. *sigh* But you see, I DO have a life outside of blogging. I have 3 kids (a 6 yr old and two 5 yr olds) that spend all day arguing, annoying each other, and driving me freakin' insane, I work from home as a freelance writer, and I'm a full time college student, who has either class and/or homework most days of the week. Oh, and don't forget the other crap like cleaning, laundry, and actually spending "quality" time with my family. I mean, look, it's 11:15pm as I'm typing this. This is usually the only time I have to blog: when everyone else is asleep. Sometimes, I'm just too damned tired to do anything else but check my email and facebook (ofcourse!).

I guess I shouldn't complain because I really do enjoy blogging. I'm proud of my blogs and I love writing them; I just wish I had the time needed to dedicate to them and make them more successful. I try the best that I can. I try to leave comments back when anyone comments here, and try to follow everyone back who follows me through a blog hop or follow Friday or whatever. I try, I try, but damn it, why can't I have 15 more hours in the day???? Is that asking too much??

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