Monday, May 25, 2009

What are you paying for Gas?

Thought it would be interesting to hear what gas prices are in different places around the country! Leave a comment with your location and the price of gas today!

Currently, in northwest Ohio gas is $2.59 for unleaded gas. How high is it going to get?? Where do you think the highest price for gas is??


Freda said...

Im in Western VA and the last time I was out town it was 2.39 a gallon. With the pound conversion being as it is, I hope the price of gas goes DOWN!!

crazedmama said...

$2.75 today! W...T....F?????

Jason said...

Wow, just think, if you lived in Brighton England, you'd be buying your pertol/gas in litres at an ave price of £1.03 per litre, there are almost 4 litres to a US gallon which roughtly work out to be $6.43 a gallon.

You still have it good!

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