Saturday, May 16, 2009

Gas Prices on the rise.. AGAIN??

The weather has finally turned for the better, the snow is GONE and the temperature is rising. What else is rising?? Gas prices, ofcourse! Now when everyone is feeling good, feeling healthy and ready to finally get out of the house, the gas prices shoot up. Isn't it bad enough that just about EVERYONE is laid off and out of work and now the gas prices go up?? Forget all of the people that want to go on vacations and have fun, what about the people searching for jobs? Now they can't even afford GAS to get to apply for a job or go to a job interview?? Every day more and more people are losing their jobs while the "big" people keep raising the prices on everything, not just gas and expect the country to still survive??

Obama, WHERE are you?? Your country is drowning while you are making assinine and somewhat offensive JOKES that I did not find funny at all, especially for a President to say. Stop the comedy act and take care of your country! People are suffering every day without jobs. People can't pay bills, people are losing their homes. What are you doing to help them?? How loud do us citizens have to scream before you help us?? The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. We are begging you for help so please, step up to the plate and show us that you CAN handle this job.. before it's too late!

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